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IT Support For Accountants

IT Management for Accountants

At Ascendant, our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for IT support, IT management, and IT services.  Ascendant has over 25 years of experience providing accounting companies with computer support in New Jersey.   We have significant expertise in supporting QuickBooks, UltraTax, Accounting CS, Lacert, CCH, and other tax and accounting applications. We guarantee your systems and projects will be managed professionally by seasoned IT professionals.  Some of our competitors hire junior level technicians (who learn on your time), or they outsource client support entirely.  Not at Ascendant.  Ascendant only hires the best IT consultants in New Jersey.

  • Support for your financial software
  • Financial Backup management with Encryption at rest/in-transit
  • Unlimited access to our local IT support desk
  • Regular Onsite and Remote Services by a support engineer

Every financial firm is entrusted by their clients to handle their data. Ascendant can help you to secure your most sensitive client information.  We understand how important it is for your business and your clients.  An IT managed service provider like Ascendant is an investment. An investment in your business and as well as the management of your client’s information.  Are you working in a SOX or FINRA compliant environment? Ascendant Technologies, Inc. manages your IT, your data risks, and your IT audit needs.

Your business will need a clear cut strategy to effectively manage your company systems.  We have noticed a general trend that our MSP competitors are not sharing or defining a strategy with their clients.  This leads to the client wondering what they are paying for and where their technology is headed.  Is it serving their business?  Is it a strategic advantage over their competitors?  At Ascendant we will lay out each step with you to achieve a sustainable business network and technology plan.

Are you a small financial company that can’t justify having your own IT department?  Let Ascendant be your outsourced  IT department. We are your go vendor for all things technology in a financial environment.  Need to look for forward looking statements in your email?  No problem.  Need to archive 7 years of business  records? We have you covered. Navigating a FINRA audit?  We’re at your side.