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    On-Premise Private Cloud Providers in New Jersey

    While you may be familiar with the concept of the cloud, there are various types of cloud services you need to consider before choosing one. The public cloud, for example, is a service that many organizations share. Third-party companies operate these public clouds, which are available for use by multiple businesses.

    Conversely, a private cloud is specifically for one business, but it can still come from a third-party provider over the internet. This type offers more security without the cost of hiring an IT department. For even closer control of data, some organizations opt to use on-premise private clouds without involving a third party.

    What Is an On-Premise Private Cloud?

    An on-premise private cloud is a server located within your company’s data center. People from your organization are the only ones who have access to the cloud because you host it in-house. As an on-premise cloud does not have an outside host, you will need an IT team capable of managing it.

    On-premise private clouds require robust integration services to ensure all network devices have access. Integration also helps keep your data secure. Software and licensing costs are your responsibility, but many organizations find the price worth it for the added security.

    Benefits of an On-Premise Private Cloud

    While you must consider the costs of managing your cloud on your premises, there are many advantages. When you use an on-premise private cloud, you benefit from:

    • Security: When your cloud server is located within your business, you have increased control over how your team handles it and who can access it.
    • Flexibility: If your cloud is on-premise, you’re also able to decide on the size of your servers and what resources you need. Your private cloud is customizable to your liking.
    • Compliance: Why risk a data breach of your organization’s confidential information? On-premise private clouds will help you keep your employees’ and customers’ personal information safe and lower the risk of regulatory violations.

    On-Premise Cloud Solutions Increase Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is crucial to your business. Cybercrime or attacks cause mayhem within your network, which can be costly and time-consuming to address. From data breaches to scams and viruses, your computer systems can face damage that could expose vulnerable data without adequate protection.

    When you use an on-premise private cloud, your team handles your data. Outside sources are less likely to succeed in unauthorized entry since your organization is both the host of your cloud and the sole point of access.

    Connect With Ascendant Technologies for On-Premise Cloud Integration Services in New Jersey

    When you want to build an on-premise private cloud, Ascendant can help you develop your system. On-premise private clouds require expansive IT infrastructure, though the many benefits outweigh these costs. The added data security and control allow you to remain in charge of everything kept in your private cloud while giving you greater peace of mind.

    At Ascendant, we understand the complexity of an on-premise private cloud system. Our IT technicians serve clients throughout New Jersey and will help you seamlessly integrate your existing systems with your on-premise private cloud solution. We customize our strategies to your individual needs to help you develop successful IT systems.

    Our expert team has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, and we’re proud to serve the tristate area. For more information about our on-premise cloud offerings in New Jersey, please contact us online today.