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    IT Consulting in New Jersey

    Businesses are constantly challenged to keep up with the fast-paced changes, demands and advancements associated with information technology (IT). With IT consulting services in NJ, you can set your company apart from other organizations with top-of-the-line IT strategies and systems that put your small business on top.

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is New Jersey’s go-to IT consulting firm. We’ve spent over 25 years providing clients with exceptional IT support services around the tri-state.

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    What Is IT Consulting?

    IT consulting is the act of advising businesses on how to best implement and use information technologies to achieve their business goals. IT consulting companies evaluate various IT strategies and create solutions that best align with the client’s needs and objectives, providing four types of planning:

    Our IT Consulting Services in NJ

    Our IT consultants in NJ have years of experience under their belts, giving them the expertise to deliver IT consulting services that transform companies’ IT systems and strategies. When you come to Ascendant, we can assist you with any of the following consulting services:

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    • IT strategy and planning: Our team will work with you to create an IT strategy geared to your business goals.
    • IT assessments: We’ll evaluate your current technologies to understand what’s working, what’s not and what areas could use improvement.
    • Cloud and data migration: Transferring your company’s data onto the cloud is a secure and cost-effective means of storing information. We’ll help you develop a cloud migration strategy individualized to your budget and security needs.
    • Security risk management: Our IT consultants will minimize the risk of data breaches and cyberthreats by devising a cybersecurity plan that protects your critical systems.
    • Governance, risk, and compliance: We’ll ensure your IT framework complies with federal compliance standards through specialized risk assessments.

    Ascendant Is New Jersey's Go-To IT Consulting Firm

    • For the past 25+ years, Ascendant Technologies, Inc. has been a leading provider of IT consulting services in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our team of expert IT consultants have a deep understanding of the latest technology trends. In addition, we offer a unique blend of business and technical expertise that helps our clients achieve business growth by leveraging technology.We are proud to have given countless businesses a competitive edge to grow and thrive. Your technology doesn’t have to be an overhead cost line item. When utilizing the right IT strategy, your business operations will thrive, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity. At Ascendant, we always have room for one more great client.
    All Your IT Needs from one great it company

    What are the Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants?

    Seeking assistance from an IT consulting firm in NJ will bring numerous advantages to your organization. By having a professional IT consultant like those at Ascendant, you can transform and optimize your business by enabling you to:

    • Focus on core business functions.
    • Minimize costs and control operating expenses.
    • Enhance security.
    • Boost business productivity and efficiency.
    • Receive an outside perspective on your IT.
    • Enjoy specialized assistance from certified IT experts.

    The Different Types of IT Consulting Firms

    Virtual CIO/CTO Consulting Services:

    Many businesses in New Jersey are choosing to hire virtual CIOs or CTOs to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of information technology. Our IT service consultants can help your business develop a strategy for using technology to achieve your business goals. By working with a virtual CIO or CTO, our customers can access the latest information and insights on using technology to improve their bottom line.

    All Your IT Needs from one great it company

    Cloud Consulting Services:

    Cloud services can help businesses to navigate the cloud and take advantage of its many benefits. Our cloud consultants are experienced in cloud architecture, cyber security, compliance, and data management. They can help businesses to select the right cloud platform and provider, design an effective cloud strategy, and implement and manage cloud solutions.

    Cyber Security Consulting:

    Ascendant’s cyber security consultants can provide an objective assessment of your business’s cybersecurity posture and identify areas for improvement. We can help you develop and implement strategies to protect your data and systems from cyber-attacks. When working with our cyber security IT consultants, you can feel confident that your business is prepared to protect itself from the ever-growing cost of cybercrime.

    IT Strategy Consulting:

    When using Ascendant’s IT strategy consulting services in NJ, we create long-term plans for using and investing in technology. This would involve assessing your current IT infrastructure and advising you on how to improve it. Call our IT outsourcing company today and receive an initial consultation!

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your IT Consulting Company in NJ?

    At Ascendant, we offer the highest caliber assistance to small and medium-sized businesses, developing IT strategies that minimize downtime while helping them meet their goals. Companies that choose Ascendant benefit from:

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    • Custom IT management: We approach every IT strategy differently, catering to our clients’ unique needs. Our custom built managed services are designed specifically for your small business.
    • Our stellar team: The Ascendant team comprises expert technicians with five or more years of IT experience. We also encourage staff technical training to enhance performance further.
    • Continuous support: You can call our technical support staff at any time with our 24/7 IT monitoring and assistance.

    Book IT Consulting Services in New Jersey Today

    If you’re looking for a skilled IT consulting firm in NJ, Ascendant is your solution. We’ve completed over 2,235 IT projects over the past two decades while delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients. When you use us as your specialized IT department, you can avoid the costs of hiring, training and paying in-house technicians, saving upward of $85,000 annually.

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