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    Firewall Configuration Services

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    Firewall Configuration Services

    Your company’s network needs a firewall to protect its data from cybercriminals and malware, but your firewall is only as effective as its configuration. At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we offer firewall configuration services in NJ to ensure your firewall is ready to protect all of your company’s data.

    What Is Firewall Configuration, and Why Does it Matter?

    You know that a firewall is a well-known method for protecting your data from viruses, hackers and other cybersecurity threats. However, a firewall requires configuration before it can perform its necessary tasks. Firewall configuration is about creating rules for the system, so it knows what domains and IP addresses have permission to pass through the protective barrier.

    If your firewall lacks rules, its protective qualities will be ineffective. All firewalls come with default settings, but these settings are insufficient for protecting all of your data. Hackers often look for unconfigured and outdated firewalls to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

    Configuration balances protection and function, so your team can do their work online, but your data won’t be susceptible to security risks.

    Ascendant’s Firewall Configuration Services in NJ

    At Ascendant, our firewall configuration services include a series of steps to ensure comprehensive network protection. We work with your team to:

    • Secure your firewall: This initial step is about ensuring authorized personnel have access to the firewall. Securing can include setting unique passwords, updating the firmware and restricting traffic based on your diverse needs.
    • Create firewall zones and IP routing: Firewall zones are a way to group different interfaces so that the firewall can track the traffic in each area. These zones all have unique rules and risk levels, and the firewall will respond differently to varying traffic types. The more zones a firewall has, the safer it is. The IP address structure will assign these zones, such as email servers and virtual private networks (VPNs) so that the firewall can identify them.
    • Establish access control: With access control lists (ACLs), we can create the rules that your firewall will follow. These rules will align with the different zones and allow or prohibit specific types of traffic in each area.
    • Test your configuration: Once we’ve created the zones and rules for your firewall, we’ll test the setup to make sure it’s ready to do its job.

    Our comprehensive approach to firewall configuration ensures your firewall is ready to perform to the highest standards.

    We’re a Team You Can Trust

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with over 25 years of experience in the tri-state area. Our technology experts offer the ongoing service your company needs to eliminate the costs of an in-house IT team. As your DaaS provider, we’ll design a desktop that reflects your workflow, reduces downtime on the job, decreases technology costs and improves data security.

    Get Started With DaaS Service Providers in NJ

    Ascendant provides ongoing support for your DaaS, so your team can enjoy enhanced accessibility with reduced downtime. DaaS is a modern solution for businesses of all sizes. Contact our team to learn more about this service or start your DaaS cloud computing management in NJ today.