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    IT Infrastructure Management Services in NJ

    IT Infrastructure Management Services in NJ

    Any business must cope with today’s ever-expanding technological demands. The rise of new and more complex technologies brings new challenges for companies managing their information technology (IT) infrastructure and organization. It can be challenging to monitor every aspect of your infrastructure and keep your employees on track.

    If you need IT infrastructure services from companies in New Jersey to develop a successful IT strategy, reach out to Ascendant Technologies, Inc. We’re New Jersey’s most reliable IT consulting firm. We have 25 years of experience providing quality network infrastructure support services in New Jersey.

    What Is IT Infrastructure Management?

    IT infrastructure management is the administration of operations to analyze data effectively. This management system accounts for computers, networking, software, storage and organization, staffing, training, networking and more. The overall goals of IT infrastructure management closely align with your business goals.

    IT infrastructure is the backbone of a business’s technology system. Infrastructure management concerns multiple aspects of your computer systems and services. Our IT infrastructure consultants in New Jersey are specially trained to unite various aspects under one organized regimen.

    Why Outsource IT Infrastructure Management?

    Companies choose to hire IT infrastructure management services for several reasons. When you outsource management, you can:

    • Reduce downtime with technicians who find and repair issues faster.
    • Gain flexible procedures that are preventive instead of reactive.
    • Streamline daily operations to open up time for other essential matters.
    • Improve overall performance and customer service.
    • Automate work to reduce labor costs, unify information and provide real-time data.

    Many of these advantages stem from greater ease of operation. A sound management system streamlines your IT department and provides simple solutions for a complex part of your business.

    Our IT Infrastructure Consulting Services in NJ

    When you work with us, you’ll get access to our IT infrastructure services, including:

    • IT Assessments: We assess your existing structure to see where your business stands. This overview allows us to create a plan of action.
    • Cloud migration: A solid storage system is crucial for your data. We integrate your information into a cloud system and increase security around important data.
    • Network management: We manage security networks and seek to prevent threats and remedy issues as soon as possible.
    • Physical evaluation: We inspect and improve your physical assets and make sure your hardware is up to standard.

    Choose from these services or any of our 115 available options and find a plan that works for you.

    Choose Ascendant Technologies, Inc. for Professional Support

    Ascendant is a leading IT services provider in New Jersey. We work with medium-sized businesses and have performed over 2,235 IT projects. When you work with us, we can save you up to $85,000 annually. We also have partnerships with large companies like Microsoft, Datto, Nextiva, Fortinet and Sonicwall to get you better prices.

    The unique advantages of working with Ascendant include:

    • 24/7 access: We’re available at all times to help with your tech issues. We have a 100% same-day response rate for each of our clients.
    • Personalized care: We understand that every company has unique needs. We work with your business to find a plan best suited for your goals.
    • Professional support: All of our consultants are trained and licensed. They undergo regular training to improve their skills and stay on top of industry developments.

    If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to provide a free consultation. Fill out our contact form and get in touch with our team of IT consultants today!