IT Projects

IT Projects

Ascendant Technologies has been offering IT project management for New Jersey businesses for the past 25 years.  We understand the need for technology within your company.  Our outstanding team can transform your business IT to deliver a simplified, secured business environment.  We are masters of desktop, server, firewall, and network infrastructure deployment. Ensure the success of your next IT project.  Contact Ascendant today for a free competitive IT project quote.

  • Server & Desktop Installation
  • IT Security For Business
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Business E-Mail Service

When your IT is managed by Ascendant, we take the responsibility to periodically recommend improvements.  We educate your decision makers on the risks and allow them to make the final business decision.

Once your IT project has been approved, your project manager begins ordering hardware, scheduling an execution date and assigning engineers to the job.  We are open to working after 5:00 PM EST and weekends to minimize the impact to your business.

It’s the big day.  Our IT team arrives with all new hardware and software prepped and ready for installation.  Ascendant’s IT team will deploy, secure, document, and test all new hardware including your servers, desktops, and network infrastructure.

Server & Desktop Installation Service

Ascendant understands it can be difficult finding the appropriate equipment for your business.  One of our certified technicians will ask a few questions about your needs and Ascendant takes it from there.  From product specs, ordering, planning, setup, and delivery are all included with our server and desktop service.

IT Security For Business

IT Security for business is essential.  Please do not underestimate the existing threats.  There are serious risks targeting your systems and users.  Ascendant offers comprehensive solutions to mitigate your risks and to secure your business and users.  One of the most important solutions would be a business-grade firewall such as Fortinet or Sonicwall.  A firewall can block any “bad” traffic coming into your network.  Along with this Ascendant’s management program, we will run the top of the line anti-virus and malware software, perform security training for your users and insure you’re getting regular security patching.

Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is the very foundation for a reliable, business network.  Why risk something so important to your in-house staff that may have relatively little or no experience with these complex components?  Let the experts at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. manage your network switches, firewalls, routers, and connectivity.  Our staff will routinely monitor, secure, update and manage all the critical network components to insure your network continues to deliver the business data and services you’ve come to rely on.

Business E-mail service

Email is a critical business service today.  Every business has options when it comes to managing their e-mail services.  You can host your own mail server or host it with an outside provider (Office 365 is our recommended provider). Hosting your own mail server comes with the risk of hardware/software failure and significant management.   Ascendant can help you determine the best fit for your needs.  Our experts have been managing mail systems for 30+ years (back to PINE on Linux and cc:Mail on Novell). Need to move or upgrade your email system, we can help with that too!


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