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    Business Email

    Let’s face it, your company email is essential to your business.  Whether you’re hosting an on-premise Exchange server, or hosting with Office 365, your email has to be reliable.  Ascendant has been managing, upgrading and installing email systems for over 30+ years.  Let us manage and protect your corporate email system.  Call one of our email experts today!

    • Allow staff to access their email on any device.
    • Migrate your on-premise email to Office 365.
    • Host your email onsite, managed by Ascendant.
    • Meet industry compliance and retention standards.

    Office 365 offers Microsoft’s hosted Exchange email platform.  For anyone who has managed Microsoft Exchange in-house, they know how complex a modern email system can bee.  Office 365  platform is a world class platform for your email systems.  Exchange Online offers a low cost solution for your business starting at $6/user monthly.  Hosting also beats the upfront capital costs of purchasing a mail server , lowers the risk of hardware failure, and shifts the expense to a monthly operating expense.

    An on-site hosted email solution requires you to have an email server.  Although this is a large upfront cost, it may save you money (if managed properly) down the line.  An email server will need to be regularly managed to ensure it’s receiving updates, security patching, etc.

    Whether you decided to go with an onsite email server or Office 365, you still need to manage your business email.  Ascendant will run regular maintenance to ensure your email server runs at its full capacity.  On Office 365 we will manage user passwords, archiving, email searches, and ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). Nervous about malware/ransomware reaching your business through email?  We can set up advanced threat protection (ATP) to protect your users from infecting your business network.

    Hosting Your Own E-Mail Onsite

    If you’re hosting your own email server on-premise, let the experts at Ascendant help you effectively manage your mail system.  Ascendant can assist you with hardware upgrades, mail security, SPAM management or mobile access to email.  We have been managing mail systems for over 25 years and understand the complexities of modern mail systems like Microsoft’s Exchange.   Keep in mind, there are some risks with hosting your own email server.  These risks including hardware failures, Internet outages, and power outages. All of these failures will prevent your business from receiving or sending email.  If you are unsure whether hosting your email on-premise is your best solution, please contact us or read more about it here.

    Migrating E-mail To Office 365

    Using Microsoft Office 365 is a great option for your business email.  It’s relatively cheap, about $5 user/month, reliable and accessible virtually anywhere.  Modern email systems are complex. Ascendant can help you with the initial setup and on-going management of your Office 365 email system, while Microsoft provides the reliable, secure email your business demands. Stuck managing your business’ on-premise mail server? Talk to the experts at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. We have successfully migrated dozens of our clients to Office 365.