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    Managed Service Provider Packages in New Jersey

    Update your IT protection this year with fully managed IT solutions in New Jersey from Ascendant Technologies. Protecting your systems and data helps you stay on task and keep the private information of your employees and company safe. Increase efficiency and lower maintenance costs with managed service plans.

    Benefits of Managed Service Packages for New Jersey-Based Companies

    Cybersecurity is essential to protect your network of computers, servers and data and keep your business running successfully. Prevent threats from breaching your information or slowing productivity with managed IT services.

    If your IT network runs slowly or is bugged by malware and viruses, significant downtime and loss of productivity could result. Downtime causes an influx of unexpected costs, ranging from the price for repairing or replacing computers to lost work time.  Fully managed IT solutions can help protect your business from the costs of cybercrime and outdated computer systems.

    When you hire Ascendant IT support, you don’t have to increase your payroll or provide additional benefits for an IT employee. Ascendant completes the work for you at a monthly or annual rate.

    What is Included in Managed IT Services?

    Ascendant partners with companies like Datto, Nextiva and Microsoft to provide you with the best prices. Network assessments for your company are free. With over 25 years of experience in managed IT services for the tristate area, Ascendant’s experts have the knowledge required to help you take care of your systems. Choose from one of three plans to fit your business needs:

    Essentials Plan

    The Essentials Managed Services Plan covers basic IT needs and is billed at a flat monthly rate. Benefits of this plan include:

    • 24/7 proactive monitoring of your systems
    • Antivirus system management from our location.
    • Third-party patch management.
    • Performance script writeups.
    • Inventory and asset tracking.
    • Management of Microsoft patches.
    • Billable remote and on-site support.

    You can add a malware protection plan to your Essentials package for an additional charge.

    Pro-Managed Plan

    The Pro-Managed Plan offers many of the same benefits as the Essentials Plan, though there are a few extra advantages to using this service. This flat-fee managed service plan (MSP) includes the services outlined above along with:

    • Unlimited access to our remote support desk.
    • Unlimited access to on-site support.
    • Ascendant Cloud Backup assistance.
    • Malware protection.
    • A Cloud Backup license.
    • Support for phones and tablets.

    Enterprise Assist Plan

    Enterprise companies that have 50-plus IT systems can choose this plan for block hours. These hours work well for businesses that require additional IT support for their networks. With the Enterprise Assist plan, you’ll receive:

    • An on-site IT support engineer to help you with significant technology system undertakings.
    • Access to our remote support desk for other IT needs.

    Choose Fully Managed IT Solutions From Ascendant for Your New Jersey Business

    Are you ready to upgrade your IT system? Ascendant MSP packages help secure your data and private information, minimize computer and system downtime, and save money on payroll. Contact us for a free network assessment today or to gather more information about our IT services so you can choose the plan that’s right for your business.

    Essentials Plan

    Low-cost IT management w/ billable support.
    Flat fee / monthly
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • Centrally managed anti-virus
    • Malware protection +$35/year
    • Third-party patch management
    • Performance scripts
    • Inventory and asset tracking
    • Microsoft patch management
    • Remote support - Billable
    • On-site support - Billable


    Low-cost IT management w/ unlimited support.
    Flat Fee / monthly
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • Centrally managed anti-virus
    • Ascendant Cloud Backup
    • Unlimited access remote support desk
    • Unlimited on-site support
    • Malware Protection
    • Third-party patch management
    • Performance scripts
    • Inventory and asset tracking
    • Microsoft patch management
    • Cloud backup license
    • Phone and tablet support

    Enterprise Assist™

    Co-Managed solutions are for companies that currently have an IT department, but need additional resources.
    Variable / monthly
    • Onsite Support Engineer
    • Remote Support Desk Access