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    Network Security Monitoring in NJ

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    Network Security Monitoring in NJ

    As technology advances, cybersecurity threats also become more adept at infiltrating business computer systems. It’s critical for business owners to stay on top of their network’s status to monitor real-time data and work against cybersecurity threats.

    At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we have the tools you need to monitor your network at all times and detect any issues as they arise. Within the ever-changing landscape of technology, we’ll improve your security strategies through cybersecurity testing and help you reach your business goals effectively.

    What Is Network Security Monitoring?

    A network monitoring system checks your infrastructure for issues caused by overloaded or malfunctioning systems. Network monitoring keeps track of the status, availability, behavior and function of all infrastructure components. There are usually many programs in place to monitor network performance at all times.

    Our network security monitoring services are closely related to our network monitoring programs. Network security monitoring helps fight against security attacks. These two services two overlap in many areas, but they perform separate functions. Our IT consultants specialize in network monitoring to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

    What are the Benefits of Network Monitoring for Businesses?

    Network monitoring tools are a preventive system that protects your IT structures. When you implement network monitoring, you can:

    • Prevent outages before they happen with constant monitoring.
    • Get immediate ROI as employees focus their energy on their projects.
    • Manage change efficiently with help from a management consultant.
    • Fix issues faster with a detailed understanding of why they occurred.
    • Test changes before implementing new software or products.

    Network monitoring lets you stay on top of your entire IT system without wasting time and energy. You can catch problems before they occur and save valuable money on repairs and corrections. Network monitoring streamlines your entire system to align with your business goals.

    Available Network Monitoring Services in NJ

    We perform several services for quality network monitoring. Our network monitoring services include:

    • Data monitoring: We get live numbers and statistics about all systems connected to your network.
    • Hardware checks: We can take care of your hardware as we monitor all other aspects of your network.
    • Performance reports: As we gather data in real-time, we can process and create reports about service quality.
    • Threat detection: We’ll notice and prevent threats before they occur with our live monitoring systems.

    We can often monitor your system remotely, getting complete access to your software without the need for on-site service at all times. Our consultants will minimize your downtime and help keep your business on track with our network monitoring software.

    Why Choose Ascendant Technologies, Inc.?

    Ascendant has over 25 years of experience helping businesses achieve their full technological potential. We can save you up to $85,000 annually when you choose us instead of an in-house consultant. Our partners include brands like Microsoft, Datto, Nextiva, Fortinet and Sonicwall, which means we can offer our customers better prices for these products.

    Ascendant’s unique advantages include:

    • 24/7 availability from our team of consultants.
    • Personalized plans that match your business goals.
    • Access to a team of trained and experienced professionals.

    We have a 100% same-day response time. Choose us for your network monitoring needs and let us streamline your IT department.

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