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    A well-organized network can improve your business’s productivity and minimize downtime. At Ascendant Technologies Inc., our managed network service providers in NJ monitor and organize your system to improve business procedures. If you’re interested in outsourcing or replacing your IT company, Ascendant can handle a wide range of tasks and manage your network while saving you up to $85,000 a year.

    Ascendant has 25 years of experience in the IT management industry. We offer over 115 services to our clients to help enhance their business. With our expertise, we can manage your network while you focus on reaching your business goals.

    Learn more about common questions we receive about managed network services and their answers.

    What Are Managed Network Services?

    Network management monitors the infrastructure, software and technical support for a business’s network. Current network systems consist of software and hardware that analyze data and information trends. Parts of a network can also include:

    • Computers.
    • Switches.
    • Routers.
    • Access points.

    Management can log onto the server through a web browser or mobile device to access the network. With solid network management systems, you can create policy changes based on live data to enhance performance.

    What Is a Managed Network Service Provider?

    A managed network service provider is an outside company that evaluates, improves and controls your network. Instead of training your employees or spending time researching IT, you can let professionals handle the ever-changing landscape of network management. Ascendant provides premium managed network services in NJ to help you stay on top of your technology system.

    Advantages of Managed Network Services

    When you’re running a business, you have to be attentive to multiple departments at all times. Outsourcing your managed network services can relieve some of the pressure of your everyday tasks and improve your business technology department.

    Primary benefits of managed network services include:

    • Improved quality of service: You can focus on providing your customers with quality products or services instead of managing your network.
    • Higher network availability: A network management provider can reduce downtime and help you stay online.
    • Controlled costs: When you work with an IT company, you’ll improve your budgeting for IT costs instead of making rough estimates.
    • Increased risk prevention: With constant monitoring, you can stay on top of risks before they become problems later on.

    Ascendant will ensure that your network is secure, backed up and ready to operate at all times. Our team offers these advantages and more to each of our clients.

    How Ascendant Can Streamline Your IT Network

    At Ascendant, we serve New jersey businesses with a wide variety of IT services. Our clients enjoy perks such as:

    • Custom solutions: As a business ourselves, we understand that no two companies are alike. We work with you to find the best program for your business.
    • 24/7 assistance: We have technicians available at all times to monitor your system and answer questions.
    • Expert technicians: All of our technicians are certified with at least five years of experience so that you can feel confident in their support.

    Find Quality Network Assistance From Ascendant

    Businesses looking for managed network services in NJ can turn to Ascendant Technologies, Inc. for professional care. We’ve worked with businesses across multiple industries to achieve their milestones. Our team is here to help you prioritize your company while maintaining a quality IT network.

    If you’re ready to get started, contact us online to learn more about our network services today.