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    Network Security Services in NJ

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    Network Security Services in NJ

    In a time of growing technological advancements, cyberthreats have become more prominent in the business world. When you receive assistance from a skilled New Jersey network security company, you can protect your most valuable information technology (IT) assets and data from viruses and hackers, safeguarding your organization against losses.

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is NJ’s go-to network security specialist. As an IT support firm that’s been serving small and medium-sized businesses for over 25 years, we have the skills and experience needed to arm your networks against threats.

    What Is Network Security?

    Network security refers to protecting IT networks from data breaches and cyberthreats. This set of protections safeguards the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of computer networks using technologies like hardware and software solutions.

    Network security measures target numerous types of threats and prevent them from infiltrating or corrupting networks using multiple defense layers. In mitigating suspicious activity, computer network security ultimately minimizes a company’s losses.

    Some of the many types of network security protections include:

    Network Security Solutions in NJ

    Network security is essential for every business. At Ascendant, we consider network security equivalent to locking the front door of your house or having an alarm system. Ascendant has several methods to secure your company without turning your business network into Area 51. Practical IT security is a balance between usability and protection.

    Interested in securing your network? Ask us about the following services to recognize dangerous content on the web or in your email inbox:

    • Firewall hardware
    • Antivirus software
    • Malware protection
    • Staff training

    Your strongest defense against hackers, spam, malware and ransomware costs is a hardware-based firewall. Firewalls protect your business network and are scalable as your business grows. A firewall’s main objective is to prevent “bad” traffic from coming in or out of your network.

    A firewall can be a very sophisticated piece of hardware that requires an IT professional for installation and maintenance. Don’t go it alone! Still have questions? Reach out to us at (732) 563-2675.

    Ascendant’s management software will include our antivirus and malware protection software. In addition to pushing important updates and patches to your PCs and servers after work hours, having the latest versions of the operating software and security patches is essential to maintaining a secure business network.

    We often notice it’s the same employees infecting the company network. Ascendant offers end-user training to spot malicious emails and content on the web. This training is very user-friendly and reduces the overall business risk. If necessary, we can evaluate staff directly, assess high-risk users and schedule them for follow-up training.

    Benefits of Computer Network Security Services in NJ

    Over the years, effective network security has gone from an advantage to a necessity. When you invest in network security solutions for your NJ business, you’ll experience all the benefits of a reliable and secure network, including:

    • Increased productivity: When you experience fewer data breaches and computer virus infections in the workplace, you spend less time repairing your IT systems and recovering data and more time focusing on furthering your business.
    • Data protection: With effective computer security, even your most valuable information is safeguarded from threats.
    • Disaster recovery: If a security breach occurs, network security solutions will minimize the business and financial impact by recovering the information as quickly as possible.
    • Cost savings: The upfront cost of investing in network security far outweighs the expenses associated with succumbing to a data breach, which can cost companies thousands of dollars. IT protections prevent you from experiencing losses caused by cyberattacks.
    • Peace of mind: When your IT networks and systems have adequate protection, you can relax knowing your assets are secure.
    • Compliance: Depending on your industry, you may be required to take precautions against cyberattacks according to regulatory bodies. With computer network security services, you can make sure your business is compliant.

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your NJ Network Security Company?

    At Ascendant, we use our revolutionary IT management strategy to help businesses across New Jersey eliminate the need for expensive in-house technicians and save thousands while maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. We help clients meet their business objectives by providing them with:

    • Ongoing support services: Our technical support staff will track your IT networks around the clock for the most comprehensive system management.
    • Expert technician assistance: Every technician at Ascendant has at least five years of IT experience, delivering masterful IT services you can trust.
    • Custom IT strategies: We use a customized management approach, aligning your IT strategies with your business goals and needs for the best results.

    Get Expert Assistance From Network Security Specialists in NJ Today

    Looking for cyber security testing?  If you need a network security company in NJ you can trust, choose Ascendant Technologies, Inc. We’re proud to have completed over 2,235 IT projects during our time in the industry, including IT services for businesses in the manufacturing, real estate, finance and healthcare fields and more.

    Contact us to get started with our network security solutions today!