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    Network Installation Services

    If your organization needs a new computer network or infrastructure upgrade, you’re going to need a team of experienced IT network installers to secure the best possible system for your business. With commercial network installation services from a reliable IT installation company, you can do just that.

    At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we offer network equipment installations for companies across all industries, helping them transform and optimize their information technologies (IT). We’re dedicated to providing exceptional services and support while improving our company.

    Commercial Network Installation Services

    Your company’s computer network facilitates your most essential operations. With network equipment installation services, you can upgrade your existing network infrastructure or install a better one while aligning your systems with your business goals.

    Through our network installations, the skilled and experienced staff at Ascendant will oversee every aspect of the infrastructure implementation process to provide complete visibility into your communication, scheduling, ticketing, and servicing activities in real-time. We develop an understanding of your needs and help you select and implement the resources you’ll need to achieve your core objectives, including the type and number of computers, devices, and servers you’ll require. It’s our ultimate goal to improve your bottom line.

    Advantages of Network Equipment Installation Services

    Investing in professional network installations from certified IT network installers means experiencing the following benefits for your business:

    • Time savings: With assistance from IT professionals, you can substantially reduce the time it takes to install your network. In addition, you’ll receive the expertise needed to achieve optimal network speed.
    • Cost minimization: Enjoy a high return on investment (ROI) when you hire our professional IT services. At Ascendant, we’re knowledgeable of the latest industry trends and resources for streamlined network installation.
    • Tailored solutions: Our team keeps your specific needs and objectives in mind to customize your network installation and deliver customized outcomes for your company.
    • Security assessments: Ascendant can provide guidance on which network equipment will provide the best security to your organization, so you can protect your data.
    • Future growth: A strong and secure network offers opportunities for future upgrades and improvements as your business grows.

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your IT Network Installers?

    When you work with us, you’ll get access to our IT infrastructure services, including:

    Our New Jersey IT support company has spent over 25 years providing superior IT services to customers across many diverse industries ranging from financial to manufacturing to real estate. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of over 115 services, having completed more than 2,235 IT projects in our two and a half decades of experience.

    Some of the many benefits you can expect when choosing Ascendant for network installation services include:

    • Continuous support: Our staff monitors your systems around the clock, delivering reliable support 24/7.
    • Personalized IT management: Your business is unlike any other. That’s why we customize your company’s IT strategies to your specific needs.
    • Expert assistance: We hire top IT professionals with a minimum of five years of experience in the IT industry. We also incentivize ongoing training to help our team continuously improve.

    Work With a Reliable IT Installation Company You Can Trust

    If you’re looking for next-level network installation services, Ascendant is your solution. We’re proud to be New Jersey’s best IT project managers, consultants and network engineers.

    Get in touch with our staff for more information about our services today!