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    Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

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    Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

    Every company relies on computing in some form to run its business. When you use a physical system to store your data, you may run into hefty maintenance needs, storage challenges and unwanted expenses.

    With Desktop as a Service (Daas), your business can eliminate the frustration of a physical system and gain more accessibility and efficiency. At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we offer DaaS cloud computing management in NJ to support your company’s workflow and improve productivity.

    What Is DaaS, and Why Is it Beneficial?

    Desktop as a Service delivers desktops and apps from the cloud to any computer or device. DaaS is a virtual desktop solution with complete software and apps for businesses, making it a way to keep your team connected without establishing a physical IT infrastructure. These DaaS setups use a pay-as-you-go subscription model, and any company can use it with a downloaded application or internet connection.

    DaaS offers unmatched flexibility and other advantages. Implementing a DaaS allows you to:

    • Increase accessibility: With your team able to access their desktops on any device in any location, they can complete their work wherever they go. Accessibility paves the way for remote employees and traveling teams while simplifying the workflow at the office.
    • Improve productivity: DaaS can include tailor-made desktops according to your workflow for efficient operation throughout the day.
    • Reduce costs: Maintaining physical infrastructure takes company resources, from rented space to the cost of equipment. DaaS makes it easy for teams to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setups without the need to house company data.
    • Enhance security: DaaS providers deliver advanced security protocols along with their cloud desktops. Your team can offload security concerns onto your provider and gain higher-quality services than you may have on your own.
    • Reduce maintenance: On-premise desktop setups require parts, maintenance and replacements, regularly requiring time and money. Your provider will handle all updates and performance metrics with a DaaS, so you can allocate resources elsewhere.
    • Scale with your business: Adding new equipment to your on-site system is challenging, especially if your business grows quickly. A cloud-based desktop can shrink and expand as you need, so it will always reflect your workflow and capacity requirements.

    Ascendant Is Your DaaS Provider in NJ

    Ascendant is one of the most trusted Desktop-as-a-Service providers in NJ. We deliver custom DaaS solutions that meet the full extent of your business’s needs, from applications to security. As your provider, we offer:

    • Advanced anti-malware security to reduce data risks.
    • Active system monitoring for problem response.
    • Fast user setup to connect every employee.
    • 24/7 technical support.
    • Custom desktops for your company’s needs.

    We’re a Team You Can Trust

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with over 25 years of experience in the tri-state area. Our technology experts offer the ongoing service your company needs to eliminate the costs of an in-house IT team. As your DaaS provider, we’ll design a desktop that reflects your workflow, reduces downtime on the job, decreases technology costs and improves data security.

    Get Started With DaaS Service Providers in NJ

    Ascendant provides ongoing support for your DaaS, so your team can enjoy enhanced accessibility with reduced downtime. DaaS is a modern solution for businesses of all sizes. Contact our team to learn more about this service or start your DaaS cloud computing management in NJ today.