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    Managed Security Service Provider in NJ

    When you work with sensitive data, keeping information safe from threats should be your top priority. It takes experienced professionals to safeguard customers’ personal information as well as digital assets that belong to your brand.

    With Ascendant Technologies, Inc. on your side, you can operate with peace of mind. We’re one of the top managed security service providers (MSSPs) in New Jersey, and we have more than 25 years of experience managing IT for businesses like yours in the tri-state area. Partner with our team that wants to see you stay at the top of your game by maximizing security.

    Helping You With Security Practices From Several Angles

    Ascendant wants to help you maintain compliance standards of your industry and prevent cyber incidents before they get a chance to happen. We understand how expensive it can be to hire an in-house staff of cybersecurity professionals, so we take care of the heavy lifting for you.

    Our cybersecurity experts provide economical, competitive MSSP services to protect your brand in multiple areas:

    • Network security assistance: From firewalls and access controls to network segmentation, we make it harder for hackers to access data.
    • Cloud security solutions: Protect the data, documents and assets you store within cloud-based software. Ascendant steps in to implement internal and external firewalls and discusses your options for encryption to ensure data is available only to authorized employees.
    • Cybersecurity consulting: We perform network structure analysis to provide the right recommendations for your unique needs.
    • Employee cybersecurity training: Keep your employees up to speed on the latest cybersecurity practices. Benefit from our comprehensive training services that cover username and password creation tips, malicious link awareness and what to do when a device is lost or stolen.

    Benefits of Managed IT Security Services Providers like Ascendant

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. manages IT and cybersecurity to protect your company’s reputation and defend against cyberattacks, minimizing recovery time.

    Our number-one mission is to provide industry-leading expertise at a reduced cost compared to an in-house IT department. Benefits of partnering with us include:

    • We monitor company networks 24/7 to spot threats and mitigate them before they turn into an incident.
    • Our cybersecurity professionals work on a per-system basis — you can customize services to your needs.
    • You can have us complete audits to prove your brand meets compliance standards with governing bodies, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • We are as hands-on or hands-off as you like — our customizable services support co-managed and fully managed models.

    Why Trust Us to Be Your IT Security Solution Provider?

    We want to help you with the ever-evolving job of keeping business networks, devices and cloud-based software secure. Clients in widespread industries like education, manufacturing, real estate, finance and healthcare count on us for effective solutions because we’ve been working with teams like yours for over two decades. We’ve worked through a multitude of changes in our field and continuously learn and adapt for your benefit.

    We’re proud to say our hard work pays off, as we’ve had the privilege of partnering with reputable corporations in the IT and cybersecurity space like Microsoft, Datto, Nextiva, Fortinet and SonicWall.

    To see why our IT and cybersecurity services are the right choice for your needs, browse our collection of positive reviews.

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    Ascendant makes obtaining the IT and cybersecurity assistance you require straightforward. Get one step closer to better IT management when you contact us to learn more about our capabilities.