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    Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Setup

    Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), otherwise known as Microsoft Defender for Office 365, is a comprehensive plan for handling cybersecurity threats. The Microsoft ATP program is available in two different formats, though it comes with many Office 365 packages.

    Features of Microsoft ATP

    Microsoft ATP helps keep your technology safe throughout your workday. Secure computers, networks and data help prevent downtime and minimize cybersecurity threats. Microsoft ATP or Defender allows you to focus on your job while it identifies potential hazards. Some of the features of Microsoft ATP include:

    • Threat detection: Finding a hazard before it causes damage is integral to your cybersecurity.
    • Issue prevention: Keeping a threat from occurring is another beneficial feature of ATP.
    • User awareness training: Learning about cybersecurity teaches your employees to identify potential threats such as phishing attempts before clicking.
    • Incident investigation and response: Should a cybersecurity issue make it past the prevention stage, the program is capable of reacting to neutralize it.

    Advanced threat protection from Microsoft includes various other features that boost your network safety. Cybersecurity is essential to efficiency in the workplace, which is why ATP is a vital feature to activate while using Microsoft 365.

    Advantages of Using ATP at Your Workplace

    Microsoft ATP assists you with identifying, preventing and responding to cyberthreats. Below are some examples of security problems that may threaten your network or systems:

    • Phishing: Emails that appear to be from a legitimate sender come from an impersonator. Cybercriminals want the user to reveal sensitive information about themselves or the company.
    • Spam: Undesired messages appear in your inbox. These may contain unsafe links, malware or irrelevant information. Spam can overfill email folders and make it difficult to find valuable messages.
    • Unsafe links: Attackers can link to suspicious websites in emails, Microsoft Teams or other applications. Clicking on these links takes the user to a malicious website that attempts to steal information or place malware on the computer.
    • Malware: Viruses, ransomware and spyware are all included under this title. Malware infects and damages your networks, which leads to stolen information and downtime.

    Benefits of Choosing Ascendant for ATP Services

    Partnering with Ascendant for Office 365 advanced threat protection setup provides multiple benefits, including:

    • 24/7 support system: Our services include constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure, which means your networks have protection even when you’re off the clock.
    • Knowledgeable team: We have over 25 years of experience serving companies in the tristate area.
    • Customized experience: Your business requires personalized care, so we will create a plan that works for you as we address all of your IT necessities.

    Contact Ascendant Today for Microsoft 365 Email Security

    Protect your IT resources from cybersecurity threats by working with Ascendant Technologies. Our team will help you develop an IT plan that meets your goals so you can stay on target while we handle the rest. Prevent and respond to phishing, malware or unsafe links with Microsoft 365 advanced threat protection.

    Keeping in-house IT technicians on your payroll can represent a significant annual expense. With Ascendant technicians, you save money by hiring us at a specified rate based on your business needs. Our partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Sonicwall and Fortinet allow us to provide you with the best pricing and care.

    Please get in touch with us online today to request more information about our Microsoft 365 advanced threat protection offerings for the New Jersey market.