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    Microsoft Teams IT Support in New Jersey

    Microsoft Teams is a hub for communication and teamwork. Whether your employees work from home or travel often, Microsoft Teams keeps everyone in the loop throughout the workweek. Teams provides access to everything from messaging and file sharing to video meetings. Increase collaboration between your employees with a Microsoft Teams secure virtual meeting point.

    Rundown of Microsoft Teams

    At its core, Microsoft Teams is where your Office 365 applications meet. It is a collaborative online workplace for employees all across the board. An individual can be a part of multiple teams and enter each channel separately to keep their work organized.

    Inside a channel, team members can share files and hold video or audio meetings. Workers also have a feed where they can chat with one another. With these features, team members can work together on projects in real time, provide feedback and set up meetings quickly.

    Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams in the Workplace

    Many file sharing, messaging and video services are available online. However, Microsoft Teams is a valuable tool because it combines everything you need into one convenient, secure place. Some useful features of Microsoft Teams include:

    • Real-time collaboration: Sending an email or calling an extension might work in some cases. However, Microsoft Teams provides immediate access to documents that each team member can work on simultaneously. They could also hold a meeting over the phone or on video.
    • Convenient location: Scrolling through old emails or messages in other chat services is a thing of the past with Teams. All of your messages, meetings and files are located in one spot in this application. Your employees can find what they’re looking for quickly without having to switch between apps.
    • Usable on any device: Enter a meeting or send a message from anywhere with the Microsoft Teams cloud-based platform. Employees on the go can stay in touch with their teammates from laptops, cellphones or tablets.

    Benefits of Ascendant Microsoft Teams Support

    While Microsoft designed Teams to be the center of collaboration and communication, you may experience challenges while implementing it. The assistance of the trained professionals from Ascendant Technologies will allow you to roll out Teams effectively.

    If Teams is already running in your system, you may still encounter issues that require additional support, such as login loops, hyperlinks or device connectivity problems.

    At Ascendant, our technicians are ready to help you make the most of Microsoft Teams. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your network systems and can customize your Microsoft Teams implementation and assistance plans to maximize your productivity. Ascendant employees have worked in the tristate area for decades, giving us extensive experience in the industry.

    Contact Ascendant Today for Microsoft Teams Support in New Jersey

    Increase productivity and minimize downtime with IT support for Microsoft Teams from Ascendant Technologies. We have over 25 years of experience in this field, and we can help you implement and use Microsoft Teams as effectively as possible.

    Partnering with us spares you the expense of keeping a full-time IT expert on your payroll, and we can provide you with the IT support you need at a competitive rate thanks to our partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Sonicwall.

    Upgrade your method of collaboration today by contacting Ascendant online for a free network assessment.