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    Managed Wi-Fi Services

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    Your Wi-Fi network is essential to your operations, but managing it in-house can be complex, costly and time-consuming. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. provides the professional services and support you need to design and maintain your wireless internet networks for seamless access, strong connection and optimal performance. We assist businesses of all sizes and industries, helping small and enterprise companies alike experience secure, reliable network performance.

    Our Managed Wi-Fi Service Offerings

    When you partner with Ascendant, you can trust our IT experts to offer custom management strategies, services and support. We will get to know your business so we can ensure your Wi-Fi network is working to support your people and your goals. Our specialized expertise enables us to manage everything from network design and installation to ongoing monitoring and security updates.

    Wi-Fi Infrastructure Design and Setup

    We begin all our services with a free network assessment to evaluate your infrastructure. Our team will highlight your strengths, identify your weaknesses and develop a custom management plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

    Whether you have an in-house IT team or another managed service provider (MSP), we can ensure a smooth transition as we handle the complexities of setting up and managing your Wi-Fi network. Our IT experts can assist with and manage tasks such as:

    • RF surveys
    • Network design and configuration
    • Access point installation
    • Device connectivity
    • Guest network setup
    • Installation procurement and installation

    Proactive Monitoring

    We provide ongoing network monitoring so you can focus on core business activities. By continuously monitoring your Wi-Fi system, we can quickly identify and troubleshoot issues as they arise to minimize downtime for your business. Our proactive monitoring services also allow us to identify the best upgrades for your Wi-Fi network so we can scale your network as needed and ensure seamless connectivity for your users.


    In today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, you need proper Wi-Fi management to protect your assets and minimize vulnerabilities. We can develop and implement advanced solutions to ensure comprehensive security for your business. From continuous monitoring to user authentication, our security solutions will help you mitigate risk and defend against threats.

    24/7 Support Desk Access

    Our managed Wi-Fi services include unlimited access to our full-time, fully staffed support desk. We provide the 24/7 technical support your employees need to navigate and resolve Wi-Fi-related issues. Your teams can get in touch with a dedicated IT expert quickly, enabling them to minimize downtime and maximize their productivity.

    Advantages You’ll Gain With Our Managed Wi-Fi for Business

    You need a reliable Wi-Fi network and dedicated support to ensure your business runs smoothly. Ascendant is here to provide it. Our IT experts will take on the responsibility of your Wi-Fi network’s performance, maintenance and risk management to ensure you experience seamless access, strong signals and cost-effective solutions.

    Cost Savings

    Allowing our IT experts to handle your Wi-Fi network management saves you time and money on recruiting, training and maintaining an in-house IT team that possesses enough experience and expertise. Our managed Wi-Fi services can also lower the total cost of ownership for your business, helping you save valuable resources.

    Stronger Performance

    Our team will work diligently to ensure your Wi-Fi system offers the strong performance users expect. Our services will handle setup, monitoring and troubleshooting needs to improve your Wi-Fi network for reliability, security and optimized performance. We’ll keep you online to enable smooth operations and more uptime.

    Enhanced Productivity

    We provide the support users need to resolve issues and get back to work quickly, enabling your business to minimize downtime and increase productivity. You can spend less time worrying about IT and more time increasing your revenue. If you have an internal IT team, our experts can handle your Wi-Fi system so your in-house personnel can focus on other critical responsibilities.

    Improved Scalability

    With our IT experts managing your Wi-Fi infrastructure, you can easily scale your system as needed while keeping costs manageable. Through services like bandwidth management, access point control and configuration adjustments, we can give you the flexibility and adaptability to meet your business’s evolving needs.

    Why Choose Ascendant for Managed Wi-Fi Solutions?

    Ascendant has been serving companies of all sizes and industries throughout New Jersey for decades. We pride ourselves on developing the custom technology solutions you need to optimize your IT infrastructure, minimize downtime and reduce costs. Our highly experienced IT engineers possess the advanced tools, skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and monitor your Wi-Fi network.

    Connect With Expert Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers Today

    As your dedicated managed service provider, we’ll ensure your IT is focused on accomplishing your business goals. Systems managed by our IT experts perform better, last longer and are more cost-effective in the long run, so let our experienced team handle the technical aspects of your wireless networks for seamless connectivity and performance. Request a free network assessment today!