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    Firewall Management Services in NJ

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    Firewall Management Services in NJ

    If your company operates on a private network, you probably have a firewall to protect your data from hackers and viruses. Having a firewall in place is always an excellent security measure, but it may not be as comprehensive as you think. For your firewall to be effective, it needs constant monitoring. Firewall monitoring prevents holes in protection, responds to new threats and leaves your security practices to the experts.

    At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., our managed firewall services in NJ involve our security experts maintaining your firewall for the best performance.

    What Is a Managed Firewall?

    Monitoring your network among all other company processes can be challenging. Managed firewalls are network security systems overseen by a third-party provider. During this service, a team of cybersecurity experts will handle the administration, operation and maintenance of your firewall to ensure your data is safe.

    Managing a firewall comes with a few challenges, making monitoring services helpful to most operations. Obstacles include:

    • Evolving threats in cybersecurity
    • Multiple locations with their own firewalls
    • Balancing firewall access rules with user-friendliness
    • Compliance and auditing requirements

    Benefits of Managed Firewall Services

    When you use firewall monitoring services, your business can enjoy several advantages, such as:

    • Constant monitoring: If your company has a small IT team or no IT team at all, you likely lack the resources to monitor your firewall around the clock. Managed firewall services handle 24/7 monitoring, so you can focus on other projects.
    • Support for new technologies: Businesses are always finding new ways to advance their technology for more efficient workflows. With options like Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT), companies need flexible and effective security as they transition to new technologies. Managed firewalls offer the comprehensive protection your data needs for these migrations.
    • Access to security resources: Your business has too much to do to stay plugged into the latest security developments and potential threats. Managed firewall service providers are aware of the newest information on cybersecurity, and they will use those details when maintaining your firewall.
    • Cost savings: When you have security hardware, you have initial purchase costs and maintenance expenses that can add up. Firewall monitoring services eliminate the need for an in-house team and the associated hardware.
    • Ease of reporting: Security reporting helps you understand your weaknesses and determine what you need to improve your safety. Firewall monitoring providers can offer extensive reporting that is impossible to achieve on your own, improving your security for the long term.

    At Ascendant, we offer managed firewall solutions in NJ to support your company’s cybersecurity practices. Our security experts can help you reap these benefits for a more effective firewall.

    Choose Ascendant as Your Managed Firewall Service Provider in NJ

    Ascendant has over 25 years of experience as a managed service provider (MSP), so we know what you need to protect your data. With our 24/7 monitoring team, we keep your firewall up to date with the latest security threats while ensuring your team can access the sites they need to work. Your firewall offers protection, and our experts add the extra layer you need for peace of mind.

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