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    Computer hardware is essential for any modern business. However, when the so-called “best of the best” solutions change every day and every seller tries to convince you that theirs is worth the investment, finding the hardware most suited to your needs and existing setup can be challenging.

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. takes the guesswork off your plate, supplying you with the IT hardware solutions you’ve been looking for. We get to know your preferences and what you want from new technology and use our extensive partnerships and leasing options to oblige. See how our services have transformed workspaces like yours when you reach out today.

    Why You Need Hardware Leasing Solutions

    Most small and mid-size businesses don’t have the budget to revamp and replace their hardware as often as the industry demands. That’s where leasing options come in handy — you can get the best in IT hardware at an affordable choice, with the opportunity to trade it in down the line when the next big thing comes out.

    Get the Latest Technology

    At Ascendant Technologies, we lease the latest in IT hardware from the best brands in the industry. You’ll have access to the top technology from experts like Microsoft and the chance to upgrade them as innovations become available. Our specialty is working with small and mid-size brands, so our partners are always ready to help us supply you with enough hardware for all your IT needs, as often as you need them. With a solid leasing structure in place, using obsolete technology will become a thing of the past for your business.

    Save Money on Upgrades

    Upgrading your hardware is a necessary part of growing any business, and Ascendant can take much of the hassle off your plate. We do the work of researching your best options and presenting them to you, saving you the time and headache it would take otherwise. From there, we can provide you with affordable wholesale pricing on your hardware, as well as any replacements and upgrades you may need in the future. Finally, by choosing professionals with significant IT experience, you won’t have to spend time looking for servicing and maintenance technicians.

    Improve Efficiency and Productivity

    It seems that the business world moves faster every day, and having the right technology is essential for you to keep up. As software continues to become more effective, it also requires better hardware to perform as expected. Ascendant chooses the hardware for our leasing programs carefully, ensuring they’re the best options to handle the leading business technologies from our top partners. When your equipment is more efficient, your staff can be more productive. Essentially, the right hardware can help you get more done in less time.

    Your Local IT Hardware Professionals

    When you lease through Ascendant, you receive the added benefits of experienced technicians who are ready to support your endeavors with dozens of IT services. We have strived to provide New Jersey businesses with the IT support they need to thrive for more than two decades.

    At the beginning of your lease, we’ll deliver all the hardware you need. From the start, we’ll ensure everything is set up to work the way you need it to. Then, throughout the duration of your lease, our technology experts will be a phone call away to ensure everything functions properly. As a full-service IT solution, Ascendant is prepared to assist you in more than just hardware concerns. We’ll be your partner in every part of your IT plan through the duration of your current lease and every one after it.

    Why Choose Ascendant Technologies?

    Small businesses in New Jersey know that Ascendant is the leading option for IT support. Our services cover everything from cloud and data management to the software and hardware you need to keep your operations running. With thousands of successful projects under our belts, we’re always excited to bring our expertise to new businesses. All our clients benefit from:

    • Customized service plans: We have more than 100 unique IT services for each of your specific needs. Whether you need one or a dozen of them, our consultants will ensure you get the assistance you need.
    • Dedicated support staff: Our highly-trained technicians are available to your business around the clock. We stay up to date on the latest and best technological advances so we can pass them on to you and update your systems accordingly.
    • Award-winning results: Our constant training has paid off — we’ve won awards back-to-back for years and earned nationwide recognition for what we do. Let us prove it when we take you on as our next client.

    Request Custom Leasing Solutions Today

    Top-tier computer services start with great hardware, and finding great IT hardware is easier than ever now that you’ve discovered Ascendant Technologies. Reach out to your new quality hardware supplier through our contact form today.