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    Software is the backbone of many businesses. The right tools and applications allow your employees to complete tasks and streamline operations. Don’t let a missed software expiration date keep your team from achieving their goals.

    The experts at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. provide an all-in-one solution to keep up with expiration dates for all your software applications, platforms and programs. We collect, analyze and track your important information for you. Stay organized and prevent downtime at your company with us.

    What Is Software License Management?

    Instead of manually storing and organizing data with physical folders and filing cabinets, digital systems offer a faster way to track information. Software systems include instructions that tell a computer how to operate and complete specific functions.

    To access these benefits, companies used to buy licenses for each computer they used. Now, commercial management systems enable businesses to buy licenses for multiple machines, which is more efficient and cost-effective.

    With each software platform purchased, the vendors provide a set of terms and conditions. Software management services ensure compliant practices and maximize your organization’s software use.

    Software License Management Solutions in NJ

    At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., our team proudly serves many businesses throughout New Jersey. We offer many license management solutions, including:

    Software License Procurement

    Our experts evaluate your needs and recommend relevant software. We then acquire the appropriate vendor licenses and legal rights to use the products.

    Software License Usage Tracking

    We monitor and record the usage of your software licenses. The data provides insight into how many times the software is installed, how many employees access it and how much time each user spends using the product.

    Software License Upgrades or Renewals

    Our IT technicians complete license upgrades so you can access new features or versions of software. We conduct license renewals to extend the duration of your software use beyond your initial terms.

    Software License Audits and Compliance

    We conduct assessments to ensure an organization’s software use aligns with the vendor’s terms and conditions. Our examination and verification process also ensures adherence to legal requirements set by authorities.

    Benefits of Software License Management Services

    Let your team focus on their tasks when you hire IT technicians to handle management of your software licenses. Professionals at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. have the knowledge, skills, training and expertise to provide solutions. When you invest in our customized services, you receive:

    Peace of Mind

    Minimize risks when you hire experts to recommend which software will suit your needs. We handle the procurement, tracking, upgrades or renewals, audits and compliance so you can avoid penalties or legal issues.

    Saving Opportunities

    Avoid unnecessary purchases or over-licensing. Our management team keeps track of your software purchases, upgrades and renewals so you never pay more than needed.

    Easier Decision-Making

    Discover insights about your license usage patterns. We provide monitoring and tracking services so you can plan which software investments you’d like your business to pursue.

    Maximized Software Use

    Get the best use of your allocated funds and resources. Our experts offer software recommendations and let you know how to optimize your product usage so you can make your operations as efficient as possible.

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your Management Company?

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is a go-to provider of IT services for companies throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas. We provide our clients with the following benefits:

    • Customized solutions: Our IT technicians understand every business is unique. That’s why we offer over 115 tailored solutions, including IT consultingmanaged ITmanaged security and cloud computing services to suit your needs.
    • Trustworthy experts: We have provided dependable services to our clients for over 25 years. Our IT technicians are trained to serve many industries, including education, healthcare, finance, law, dentistry, real estate, construction and manufacturing.
    • Technical support: Our remote team is available to monitor your systems and provide support 24/7. We identify potential issues and deliver solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.
    • Money savings: We provide customized services with a flat monthly rate. Our plans offer cost savings compared to hiring an in-house technician with a salary and benefits.

    Get Expert Assistance From Software Management Specialists

    Don’t risk compliance or legal issues, related fees and downtime at your business. Let the experts at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. handle your software licenses. We offer management services so you can have peace of mind, streamline your operations and plan for the future.

    Our company is your single source for IT support throughout New Jersey. We partner with leading technology brands to give you the best products at cost-effective prices.

    Want to see what businesses are saying about us? Check out our client testimonials to see how our hard work and dedication to exceptional service have earned us many glowing reviews.

    Reach out to us now to begin reaping the benefits. Our IT consultants will get in touch with you to discuss your business needs, share our service options and give you a free estimate.