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    Do you need IT staff members to complete a short-term project? Perhaps you require temporary technicians to fill short-term job positions within your company. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. provides your solution.

    Our staff augmentation provides a way to get the support and resources you need without permanent changes. Save time, effort and money when you hire IT experts to help you achieve your goals.

    What Are IT Staff Augmentation Services?

    Hiring an in-house employee with a salary and benefits isn’t always the best option for your business. When you bring in external experts, they can fill skill gaps temporarily and help you meet your project deadlines.

    Staff augmentation lets you complete quality work. The provider handles the recruitment and selection process, which ensures the technicians have the required skills and expertise for the job.

    Enjoy having access to a pool of qualified technicians who are available to contribute toward your IT initiatives immediately. Meanwhile, your in-house team can continue focusing on their daily tasks and operations.

    IT Staff Augmentation Services for Businesses in NJ

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. offers staff augmentation for small to medium-sized companies in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We listen to your needs and provide tailored services, such as:

    Skill-Specific Augmentation

    Our staff augmentation offers access to specialized knowledge and skills. We provide experts who are qualified to complete niche tasks within the IT industry.

    Project-Based Augmentation

    We have a diverse network of IT technicians who can complete specific initiatives for your organization. Our experts work alongside your existing team to complete a project within a predetermined time frame.

    Team Augmentation Services

    Our company can augment an entire team of IT technicians. We hire a whole department so you can offload your IT responsibilities and focus on the core functions of your business.

    Temporary IT Staffing Services

    We give you access to IT services for a fixed duration. Our professionals can cover for your employees on leave or handle responsibilities during peak business periods.

    On-Demand Technical Support

    Our professionals can provide around-the-clock support for your organization. We provide immediate assistance and troubleshooting for IT issues with access to a dedicated helpdesk or on-call professionals.

    Benefits of Hiring an IT Staff Augmentation Company

    Working with a staff augmentation company provides many advantages, including the ability to:

    Gain Flexibility

    Our staff augmentation allows you to adapt to your business’s changing requirements. We offer services on a need-by-need basis so you don’t have to allocate salary and benefit funds into your financial planning.

    Scale Your Operations

    We provide IT technicians so you can take your business to the next level. Our experts offer the short-term resources you need to ramp up your daily operations and provide faster turnaround times.

    Adapt to Your Changing Project Demands

    Our quick way to source qualified professionals keeps your project timeline running smoothly. Our IT technicians help you complete tasks and meet your organization’s deadlines.

    Access Skills Without a Long-Term Commitment

    We provide access to a vast pool of professionals with specialized skills. Our technicians offer fresh insights, industry expertise and the best practices to promote learning and growth within your organization.

    Why Hire the IT Contractors at Ascendant?

    For over 25 years, Ascendant Technologies, Inc. has served companies throughout New Jersey. We’re proud to offer staff augmentation to our clients and produce the following benefits:

    • Custom solutions: Our IT technicians provide over 115 types of support. Our options include IT consultingmanaged ITmanaged security and cloud computing to suit your business needs.
    • Expert technicians: We only hire the most elite professionals with at least five years of industry experience. Our IT technicians have the necessary knowledge, skills and certifications to complete a specific job for your organization.
    • Dependable support: Our professionals know no two businesses are alike. We have reliable specialists who are qualified to work with varied industries, including healthcare, law, finance, education, manufacturing, real estate, construction and nonprofit organizations. 
    • Award-winning services: We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our team’s numerous awards include recognition as Upcity Marketplace’s Top IT Provider and Clutch’s Top Managed Service Provider in the United States for 2023.
    • Cost-effective pricing: Our company fosters long-lasting partnerships with the best brands in the technology industry. As a result, we provide our clients with quality products at affordable prices.

    Outsource the Most Elite IT Technicians in NJ Today

    Whether you need help to complete a project on time or fulfill short-term staffing, trust Ascendant Technologies, Inc. for your solutions. Our company is the leading provider of IT support for businesses throughout New Jersey. Check out our glowing reviews to see what our clients say about our past partnerships.

    Ready to skip the recruitment process? Connect with our team today to enjoy a simple and quick way to get qualified technicians for a job! Our IT consultants will get in touch with you to answer your questions and learn how we can best serve your needs.