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    Microsoft Office IT Support in New Jersey

    Microsoft Office 365 is an expansive suite of programs you can use to help your business. From well-known applications to cloud storage and Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 has many benefits and capabilities.

    While you or your employees can accomplish a great deal with these applications on your own, you may encounter troubleshooting or setup issues that require assistance from time to time. Whether you’re in a time crunch or struggling to follow online troubleshooting guides, an IT support team can help. Ascendant Technologies provides Microsoft Office 365 support services to companies in New Jersey to help you resolve issues quickly and get back to work.

    Microsoft Office issues commonly involve loading and login errors or malfunctioning application features.

    Common Issues With Microsoft Office

    Depending on your subscription level, many features are available on Microsoft Office 365. Office applications are plentiful and often improve the functionality of your business. However, using potentially complex programs like Word, Excel, Teams and OneDrive may sometimes create the need for expert assistance. A knowledgeable IT support team can navigate issues or errors you encounter in using these applications.

    Microsoft Word is one of the most familiar applications in an office setting, but it does require troubleshooting from time to time. Some common Word errors that may demand support include:

    • Corrupted or damaged documents
    • Printing failures
    • “Word Not Responding” error messages

    Excel is another essential business tool from Microsoft. As its rich spreadsheet and calculation capabilities can result in highly complicated files, Excel can occasionally face issues that require professional assistance. Users may encounter problems such as:

    • Command errors
    • Calculation or date mistakes
    • Conflicts with other add-ins or antivirus software

    With remote work on the rise, many businesses use Microsoft Teams to connect with off-site workers or clients. Much like other video communication software, Microsoft Teams has its advantages and disadvantages. You may face troubles such as:

    • Call or message receiving issues
    • Audio or video display or quality problems
    • Login loops or errors

    OneDrive is a beneficial tool for storing data online and gaining the ability to access your information from anywhere. Cloud service obstacles you might need assistance with can include:

    • Upload syncing issues
    • File upload or deletion errors
    • Connection or login problems

    The Value of Access to a Microsoft Office Support Team

    Though Word, OneDrive, Teams and Excel are popular Office applications your workers probably know well, Microsoft Office 365 also includes other programs you may be less familiar with — IT support services can help you capitalize on their capabilities.

    Since no system or application is infallible, it pays to have access to IT professionals when you need them. Whether your most knowledgeable employee is running into an unknown Word error or you’re trying to onboard someone working from home for the first time, reaching out to IT support can help you keep downtime to a minimum, preserve your valuable files and take full advantage of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

    Ascendant Offers Microsoft Professional Support Services Throughout New Jersey

    Increase the functionality of Microsoft Office 365 in your workplace with Ascendant Technologies. Choosing one of our managed IT plans will help you save money by eliminating the need to add a dedicated technician to your payroll. Our job is to help decrease downtime so you can run a successful business.

    We’ve partnered with companies like Microsoft, Datto and Nextiva to provide you with competitive prices, and we have over 25 years of experience providing professional IT support for the tristate area.

    Please contact us online today to learn more about our Microsoft Office 365 support services.