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    Data Backup and Recovery Services in NJ

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    Data Backup and Recovery Services in NJ

    If you own a business, you understand the importance of protecting your company’s data. With so many potential data failure events — such as data corruption, cyberattacks, accidental deletion and hardware and software failure — it’s crucial to preserve your information technology (IT) assets with data backup and recovery strategies.

    At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we offer remote data backup services in New Jersey that safeguard companies against the effects of data loss. We’ve been in the IT support business for over two decades, delivering professional expertise and services for clients across countless industries.

    What Are Data Backup and Recovery Services?

    Data backup and recovery protects data organizations from data loss. When companies back up their data, they create and archive copies of the information to ensure it’s accessible if a cyberattack or natural disaster occurs. Data recovery, also known as disaster recovery, enables businesses to restore any lost data to its original location or to a different area where it can be retrieved.

    Essentially, data backup and recovery services minimize the impact of data breaches by safeguarding compromised files, applications and servers, protecting businesses from losses.

    Backup and Data Recovery

    Every company has different backup and recovery requirements. Let Ascendant educate your decision-makers on the importance of their corporate backup. If there is ANYTHING your company must get right, it’s your company backups. Ascendant assigns a technician to monitor your backups and checks to make sure the backup is bootable every time.

    With data recovery services in NJ, you can enjoy all the benefits of working with Ascendant:

    • Protect against hardware failure
    • Recover from corruption, ransomware and data encryption events
    • Meet compliance requirements and electronic/legal discovery needs
    • Have an IT professional verify your backup runs successfully every day
    • Never lose important company documents, software or applications

    Set a schedule for your backup to run. It can be hourly, daily or weekly. Typically, we run the backup after working hours and stream the data to our data centers. Backups are not “set it and forget it.” Backups have to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure your data is secure and restorable.

    Our IT technicians verify your backups daily. “Cheaper” online backup services leave the management up to you. With Ascendant’s managed cloud backup solutions, you’ll receive bulletproof backup and a qualified technician for one low monthly cost.

    Ascendant’s IT technicians will periodically verify and try to boot the protected system. We often see unmanaged clients try to restore from backup when there’s corrupt or missing data. This is the value of a professional, managed backup solution. It’s impossible to overspend on your backup and disaster recovery solution. How much do you value your company data?

    What Am I Protecting Company Data From?

    The majority of businesses have company files and software they need to operate every day. If you arrived at the office one morning and everything was missing, panic would ensue.

    Over the past few years, Ascendant has seen an increase in malware attacks that encrypt company data, holding it for ransom by hackers. We have also seen a loss of data from hard drive failures, power issues, theft, corrupt data, physical computer damage, natural disasters and external sabotage. We look at backup the same as we do seatbelts. We implement regular backups for unexpected accidents.

    Avoid Out-Of-Date Backup Techniques

    Is your current IT service provider still using tape drives, NAS devices or disk backups? You may want to explore other options. Using old-school backup methods can make your data vulnerable to attacks, and it’s inefficient. Carrying tape drives around is a hassle. Using Ascendant’s managed cloud backup allows you to store your data off-site to reduce your risks of theft, fire, floods and hardware failure.

    Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery Strategies

    Data backup and recovery services are excellent investments for any New Jersey company that uses information technologies in its business operations. When you book remote data backup services from Ascendant, you’ll experience the many advantages of preserving your organization’s data:

    • Cost savings: Paying for backup media for your company can be expensive, and dealing with the effects of data loss is even more so. When you outsource data backup services, your business can save thousands.
    • Data protection: Remote backup services ensure your data is stored in a secure location where it can be easily accessed if corruption occurs.
    • Downtime minimization: Trying to restore lost data without reliable data backup and recovery strategies can be time-consuming and even impossible, creating downtime for your company. With recovery services, retrieving compromised data is fast and simple.
    • Expert assistance: Booking system backup services means receiving support from highly trained technicians instead of backing up your data yourself.
    • Peace of mind: Knowing your systems are supported and your data is protected allows you to achieve better peace of mind in the workplace.

    Why Choose Ascendant for Data Recovery Services in NJ?

    Ascendant has spent over 25 years serving our clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania managed IT services. We’re committed to delivering the best prices while helping companies achieve their goals with the following perks:

    • Experienced technicians: All of our certified technicians have at least five years of experience in the IT field, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality assistance.
    • Individualized IT management: We design custom IT strategies for all of our clients, treating each business as the unique entity it is.
    • Constant IT monitoring: Our staff will monitor your systems around the clock with 24/7 support.

    Protect Your IT Assets With Data Backup Services in NJ Today

    You can invest in expert data protection services at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. Throughout our time in the IT industry, we’ve completed over 2,235 IT projects and counting — and we want to add yours to the list. Whether you work in healthcare, enterprise IT consulting or manufacturing, we’re equipped to help you succeed.

    Contact us for more information on our backup and recovery services today!