Backup & Data Recovery

Backup & Data Recovery

Every company has different backup and recovery requirements.  Let Ascendant educate your decision makers on the importance of their corporate backup. If there is ANYTHING your company must get right, it’s your company backups.  Ascendant assigns a technician to monitor your backups and checks to make sure the backup is bootable every-time.

  • Hardware failure.
  • Recover from corrupt, ransomeware and data encryption events.
  • Meet compliance requirements and electronic/legal discovery needs.
  • Have an IT professional verify your backup ran successfully every day.
  • Never lose important company documents, software, applications.

Set a schedule for your backup to run.  It can be hourly, daily or weekly.  Typically we run the backup after working hours and stream the data to our data centers.  Backups are not “set it and forget it”. Backups have to be monitored on a regular basis to insure your data is secure and restorable.

Our IT technician verify your backups daily. “Cheaper” online backup services leave the management up to you.   With Ascendant’s Managed Cloud Backup solutions, you’ll receive bullet-proof backup and a qualified technician for one low monthly cost.

Ascendant’s IT technicians will periodically verify and try to boot the protected system.  We often see un-managed clients try to restore from backup when there’s corrupt or missing data.  This is the value of a professional, managed backup solution.   It’s impossible to overspend on your backup and disaster recovery solution.  How much do you value your company data?

What am I protecting company data from?

The majority of businesses have company files and software they need to operate every day.  If you arrived at the office one morning and everything was missing, panic would ensue.  Over the past few years, Ascendant has seen an increase in malware attacks that encrypt company data holding it for ransom by hackers.  We have also seen a loss of data from hard drive failures, power issues, theft, corrupt data, physical computer damage, natural disasters, and external sabotage.  We look at backup the same as we do seatbelts.  We implement regular backups for the unexpected accident.

Avoid out of date backup techniques

Is your current IT service provider still using tape drives, NAS devices, or disk backups? You may want to explore other options.  Using old school backup methods can make your data vulnerable to attack, and it’s inefficient.  Carrying tape drives around is a hassle. Using Ascendant’s Managed Cloud Backup allows you to store your data off-site to reduce your risks from theft, fire, floods, and hardware failure.