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    IT Risk Assessment in NJ

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    IT Risk Assessment in NJ

    You know how important your IT and network are to your business. You also know an unreliable network can quickly consume your staff’s efficiency and impede your ability to conduct business. Have you wondered if your IT and network are secure and performing optimally? Stop wondering. Let the experts at Ascendant evaluate all aspects of your IT systems and network. One of our network engineers will evaluate your firewall, backup and recovery system, workstations, server(s) and any software or other hardware.  We will share with you our findings (in plain English), and identify areas for improvement. Already working with an MSP on in-house IT? Use this Free IT analysis as a sanity check!

    • Obtain an objective analysis of your current MSP or in-house IT professional.
    • Receive FREE recommendations to strengthen your network security.
    • Identify where your company falls short with your business network and IT/systems.

    What Is an IT Checkup?

    IT checkups are examinations of a business’s existing IT system, including software and hardware throughout your office building. An IT checkup assesses your entire IT system for weaknesses, security risks and overall performance. A practical exam will check every point of the system and lead to increased productivity and security solutions.

    IT exams address the following areas of your system:

    • Administrative policies
    • Network security
    • Mobile device integration
    • Server/network infrastructure
    • Technology management

    We recommend network exams to all businesses to ensure that your IT system is functioning correctly. If it’s been a while since your last IT checkup, schedule your next assessment with Ascendant to promote infrastructure health. We’ll check out all parts of your IT system and reduce your downtime with our thorough assessments.

    Our Process for an IT Checkup in NJ

    We have a standard procedure for every IT security risk assessment in NJ. Learn more about our process for desktop threat assessment and securing your IT infrastructure.

    We’ll come to your office with an IT specialist and account manager to inspect your business network at no charge. Ascendant will come back with a report about your network exposing the weaknesses and strengths. We’ll happily answer your questions and go over every detail of our assessment.

    Ascendant will develop an industry-based strategy for managing your business IT network. We can provide a detailed timeline to show you how we envision your network upgrades. Our strategy focuses on your business goals and streamlining daily operations.

    Once we identify your computer related issues,  you decide whether you want to move forward with the recommended upgrades.  Our job is to point issues out and educate you on your IT risks.  Once everything is taken care of, we will begin managing your business IT network to maintain a sustainable environment.

    The Benefits of IT Checkups

    IT network checks maintain your system’s health and help you get more done throughout each day. When you regularly assess your system, you can make improvements and help your business grow. You’ll also improve overall network safety and identify potential threats.

    Regular IT checkups can help improve your:

    • Budget: As you assess your IT sectors, you can rework your budget to accommodate necessary changes and better understand where your money is going.
    • Daily operations: Your day-to-day operations could impact your IT health. You can find out which areas can improve your daily productivity.
    • Security: Keeping your information private is essential for business operations. Regular checkups can test for network safety concerns and find weak spots.
    • Business objectives: With our expertise, you can align your IT infrastructure to help you achieve your goals and improve employee performance.

    After an IT checkup, you can take the time to make necessary policy changes and ensure your network health stays consistent. With Ascendant, you gain access to a team of trained professionals who can help you create changes that improve your system’s functionality.

    Why Choose Ascendant for Your IT Network Health Check in NJ?

    Ascendant has two decades of experience to support our IT approach. Over the years, we’ve worked with small to large businesses and saved companies $85,000 and more every year. Our customers enjoy premium benefits such as:

    • 24/7 monitoring: Our support staff can assist you around the clock and monitor your system for changes or updates.
    • Experienced technicians: Each of our technicians have at least five years of experience. We support ongoing learning to make sure you get the most up-to-date services and information.
    • Personalized solutions: No two companies are alike. We assess your IT system and offer advice to help your business operate smoothly.

    Get all of these benefits and more when you choose Ascendant as your IT service provider.

    Safeguard Your IT Network With Ascendant

    If you’re looking for IT risk assessment companies in NJ, call us today. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. will thoroughly assess your IT infrastructure and help you strengthen your system and offer risk management strategies. With our expertise, you can improve your network functionality while reducing IT costs for your business.

    Contact us online for more information on IT checkups!

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