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Cloud Services

Cloud Services New Jersey

Cloud computing is here to stay, but what precisely is the cloud and cloud computing services?  Very simply, the cloud is the Internet, and cloud computing is the delivery of services over the Internet.  If your business is using a hosted email system, you’re already using cloud computing services.  Other examples of cloud applications include Box, DropBox, or Salesforce.

At Ascendant, we understand the value of cloud computing to small and medium companies.  We offer many cloud computing solutions, including desktop as a service (DaaS), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), cloud-based file systems, cloud-based QuickBooks, and a host of other cloud-based IT solutions.

Not sure if the cloud is right for your business applications?  Let us evaluate your needs.  Not all business applications are cost-effective to run as cloud services.  Are you a New Jersey or New York business looking to move your systems to the cloud?  Let’s talk!

  • 24/7 Uptime of all cloud-based systems & applications
  • Your staff will have access anywhere in the world
  • You aren’t responsible for software & hardware updates
  • Your business isn’t reliant of physical hardware that could fail
  • Limitless storage capabilities

Cloud solutions offer many benefits for your business:

• Accessing your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
• Running your critical business applications in a highly available cloud environment.
• Stop worrying about hardware failure, Internet failure & endless software upgrades.
• Scalability of your business applications without buying new hardware/servers, etc.
• Disaster Recovery and advanced data security.