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    Cloud Managed IT Services in NJ

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    Cloud Managed IT Services in NJ

    If your company has an internal IT department, your staff may not have the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a cloud environment that best supports your organization’s individualized needs. With outsourced cloud computing services, you can optimize your information technology (IT) management, bringing productivity and efficiency to your business like never before.

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is your go-to destination for expert cloud IT support in New Jersey. We’ve spent over 25 years providing companies across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with top-of-the-line IT services performed by our certified technicians.

    What Are Cloud Managed IT Services?

    Cloud computing is here to stay — but what precisely are cloud and cloud computing services? Very simply, the cloud is the Internet, and cloud computing is the delivery of services over the Internet. If your business is using a hosted email system, you’re already using cloud computing services. Other examples of cloud applications include BoxDropBox or Salesforce.

    When companies book cloud managed IT services, they outsource their everyday IT management for cloud platforms and technical support to a third-party business. The cloud services provider then automates the organization’s business operations by managing cloud security, networks, storage, computing, applications and more. Cloud IT support services are customized to a company’s individualized needs, improving operational efficiencies and developing competencies the organization lacks.

    Cloud Services in New Jersey

    At Ascendant, we understand the value of cloud computing to small and medium companies. We offer many cloud computing solutions, including desktop as a service (DaaS), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), cloud-based file systems, cloud-based QuickBooks and a host of other cloud-based IT solutions.

    Not sure if the cloud is right for your business applications? Let us evaluate your needs. Not all business applications are cost-effective to run as cloud services. Are you a New Jersey or New York business looking to move your systems to the cloud? Let’s talk!

    When you sign on with Ascendant as your cloud management services company, you’ll experience all the following perks:

    • 24/7 uptime of all cloud-based systems and applications
    • Staff access from anywhere in the world
    • No responsibility for software and hardware updates
    • No need to rely on physical hardware that could fail
    • Limitless storage capabilities

    Cloud Solutions Offer Many Benefits for Your Business:

    • Accessing your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
    • Running your critical business applications in a highly available cloud environment.
    • Avoiding hardware failure, Internet failure and endless software upgrades.
    • Scaling your business applications without buying new hardware/servers, etc.
    • Performing disaster recovery and instilling advanced data security.

    How Can Cloud Computing Services in NJ Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

    Outsourcing your IT management to an experienced cloud IT support provider like Ascendant will help your company achieve its individualized goals by optimizing your IT systems to deliver the greatest value. With custom cloud managed services, your business will enjoy:

    • Reduced costs: With a cloud managed services provider, you eliminate the need to hire, train and pay a salaried full-time IT department, helping you save thousands. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee tailored to your IT investment needs.
    • Data protection: Cloud computing services will keep your company’s most valuable data safe and secure across all cloud services and applications with efficient disaster recovery to promote minimal downtime.
    • Improved productivity: When you outsource your IT management, the provider will control all services and applications from a centralized data center, increasing network availability and ultimately boosting employee productivity.
    • Fast response times: Remote cloud services enable expert technicians to access, track and repair any network issue quickly and efficiently from any location.
    • Greater focus: With cloud managed IT services in NJ, you can leave the complex IT management tasks to a team of skilled technicians so you and your staff can focus on what’s important — running your business.

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your Cloud Management Services Company in NJ?

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. specializes in creating IT solutions that minimize downtime and optimize efficiency in any industry. Investing in managed cloud services through us means benefiting from:

    • Custom IT management solutions: We’ll create IT strategies individualized to your company’s needs and business goals.
    • Continuous technical support: Our remote staff delivers 24/7 system monitoring and support for your organization.
    • A team of experts: Ascendant only employs certified IT consultants with a minimum of five years of field experience to bring customers the highest level of support.

    Book Cloud Managed IT Services in NJ at Ascendant Technologies

    You can experience outstanding cloud IT support in NJ at Ascendant Technologies, Inc. We’ve spent over two decades helping companies save money and optimize their IT strategies, and we want to do the same for you. Our team can assist small and medium companies from practically any industry, including manufacturing, enterprise IT consulting, healthcare and more.

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