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IT Outsourcing Company in NJ

IT Outsourcing Company in NJ

Most businesses use information technologies (IT) in their everyday operations, but not all of them have the knowledge or resources to adequately manage them. That means these companies often spend valuable time troubleshooting IT issues instead of focusing on running their businesses. When you invest in IT help desk outsourcing in NJ, you can minimize downtime and boost productivity with expert IT assistance.

Ascendant Technologies, Inc. offers remote IT support in NJ that organizations across many diverse industries trust. With over 25 years of dedicated IT service, we’re the IT outsourcing company businesses rely on.

What Are Outsourced IT Support Services?

Outsourced IT support services involve a company hiring an outside organization to manage its IT-related needs with day-to-day technical support. Businesses that invest in remote IT support pay a fixed monthly fee to a managed services provider that constantly monitors and manages their IT systems, including network infrastructure, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, cloud migration and more.

Rather than simply correcting technical issues as they arise, outsourced IT service providers build a partnership with your company. They get to know your IT, monitor your infrastructure and neutralize threats to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Remote Support Desk

There are several ways your business will benefit from access to a remote support desk, starting with your staff’s ability to get work done. If staff members are having issues printing, sending e-mail, Wi-FI or struggling with a slow system, Ascendant’s support desk can mitigate these issues quickly.

If third-party vendors need to offer additional support, Ascendant’s support desk will engage them on your behalf. You’ll never need to be tied up on the phone listening to a busy tone again. You aren’t in the IT field, so why are you trying to fix these problems yourself and consume valuable time in the day?

When you book outsourced IT support services in NJ from Ascendant, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Provide staff with unlimited access to our support desk with all management plans
  • Have a live technician answer all your calls, with experts based in New Jersey
  • Decrease staff downtime from IT-related issues
  • Have our support desk contact third-party vendors on your behalf

Ascendant’s remote IT support desk is extremely efficient, especially compared to resolving the issue yourself. You can call our support line and instantly have a trained IT specialist at your fingertips. Wasted time from guessing how to fix an issue will be a thing of the past for your business.

We’re local to you. We will never outsource our support to a third-world country. Your staff has access to a completely local support desk that understands your issue the first time you say it. If the issue is critical, we can dispatch techs to your office quickly.

Employee downtime costs your company money. Resolve IT-related issues quickly with Ascendant’s IT support desk. Don’t waste time on hold with third-party vendors — the clock is ticking.

This sounds expensive. I don’t want staff running up a large bill.  But wait…

This is a major benefit for everybody in the company because they will have UNLIMITED access to the support desk for a low flat fee monthly.  You’ll know your monthly cost ahead of time, so there will never be a surprise when the bill comes.  If you have a management agreement with us, the unlimited support desk access is already included!  We guarantee you will notice the value this brings to your business the very first month.

Benefits of IT Help Desk Outsourcing in NJ

When you outsource your IT operations to skilled professionals, you positively impact various aspects of your business aside from just your technologies. With remote support, your company will enjoy all the following advantages:

  • Cost savings: Hiring a full-time IT department can cost $85,000 or more annually. With an outsourced IT help desk, you can save thousands of dollars per year while still benefiting from knowledgeable technicians. IT support services also minimize IT maintenance and repair costs, further reducing expenses.
  • Professional expertise: Tending to IT issues yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. With IT help desk outsourcing, you’ll receive assistance from certified IT experts who have experience across all facets of IT.
  • Increased productivity: Outsourcing IT support services means minimizing technical difficulties and downtime, enabling your employees to do their jobs uninterrupted by IT complications.
  • Greater security: With IT professionals in your corner, you can increase your cybersecurity and reduce the risk of data breaches. If a cyberattack does occur, IT service providers can save the day with a data recovery plan.
  • Better focus: Instead of using your time to handle IT management, you can focus your attention on what’s really important — your business operations.

Why Choose Ascendant for Outsourced IT Help Desk Services in NJ?

At Ascendant, we strive to deliver exceptional IT support paired with outstanding customer service for clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. When you choose us for outsourced IT help desk services in NJ, you’ll enjoy our various perks:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring: Our 24/7 IT support staff will continuously track your systems to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Our expert team: We only employ IT technicians with over five years of experience in the field, delivering expert services customers can rely on.
  • Custom IT strategies: Ascendant treats every client as an individual, creating specialized IT strategies customized to your business needs.

Transform Your IT With Remote IT Support in NJ Today

If you need a reliable IT outsourcing company in NJ, Ascendant is your solution. With over 115 available IT services and over 2,235 completed projects, we have the skills and expertise our customers look for.

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