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    VOIP Phone Services

    We’ve tried many VoIP service providers in NJ and noticed a lack of support, uptime, and price. After many years of searching for the best VOIP provider, Ascendant Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Nextiva. Ascendant wouldn’t recommend a VoIP service unless we used it ourselves. Ascendant is a Certified Nextiva Partner and Nextiva Certified Installer.

    Ascendant only works with trusted business enterprise VoIP service providers in NJ.  Allow us to introduce a world-class phone system to your business at a low flat monthly rate!

    What Are VoIP Phones?

    Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones transmit audio over the internet rather than through a phone signal. VoIP compresses your voice, turns it into a digital signal and sends it through the internet to the recipient. VoIP devices function like regular business phone systems and offer additional services that you can’t achieve with a traditional landline.

    Since VoIP runs over the internet, it stores all of your information in the cloud, where you can manage contacts and other business preferences. VoIP phones are more cost-effective for businesses than conventional landline phones. All you need to use these phones is a high-quality internet connection. Most businesses rely on high-speed internet, so adding a VoIP phone service to your company often requires little change.

    Ascendant partners with Nextiva to provide quality enterprise VoIP solutions for your business. Nextiva offers multiple products to enhance your phone system. As part of our VoIP services, we analyze your office space and help you find the ideal system for your employees.

    The Benefits of Enterprise VoIP Solutions in NJ

    VoIP offers unique advantages for each business. Learn more about the standard benefits your business can expect with these devices.

    We often see significant savings when a client moves to an enterprise VOIP phone system.  For example the average cost of a landline phone is nearly $40 per line monthly (including taxes and fees).  Compare this to VOIP plans for $20-$30 per line monthly.  Call us today for a full analysis of your existing phone bill and allow us to recommend a world-class, modern VoIP phone solution.

    On top of the monthly costs, you’ll save on hardware. Instead of buying extra materials to handle rush periods or additional orders, your VoIP offers custom features to handle high call volumes. You can change your preferences instantly without having to contact a telephone company.

    VoIP technology has developed tremendously over the years.  With Poly HD Voice, you will instantly notice a crisp & clear voice the first time you use an HD based phone system.  Ascendant recommends Polycom phones that come standard with HD voice quality.  Call us today for a demonstration of modern HD VoIP technology.

    Improved Features

    VoIP devices have a wide range of custom features that you can add as you wish. After working with Nextiva for years, we’ve discovered several features that will help your business run smoothly. Check out some of our favorites below:

    • Custom auto attendants
    • Call recording
    • Music on hold
    • Nextiva anywhere
    • Voicemail to email
    • Simul-Ring (Rings Cell and Desk Phone at the same time)

    Enhanced Flexibility

    Softphones give businesses improved flexibility and help you stay connected throughout the day. Softphones are software that you can add to desktop and mobile devices, such as Skype. Nextiva has its own application that you can use on your current device. You’ll save desk space on multiple phones while using your softphones in the office.

    VoIP service providers for businesses in NJ offer all of these benefits and more. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. can help you improve your business procedures with a convenient phone system.

    Why Choose Ascendant as Your Business VoIP Service Providers in NJ?

    For 25 years, we’ve served small and medium-sized businesses in New Jersey and helped them reach their full potential. Ascendant streamlines all IT services with our focus on quality and efficiency. We’ve worked in fields ranging from healthcare to finance, which has allowed us to improve our industry-specific knowledge.

    Our customers benefit from:

    • Constant assistance: We have technicians available 24/7 to monitor your system and provide help whenever needed.
    • Personalized care: We create solutions that handle your business’s unique goals. We apply a custom approach to every client.
    • Professional guidance: Every one of our technicians has five or more years of experience. You can feel confident in their educated background and expertise.

    Find quality VoIP service providers for business in NJ when you work with Ascendant Technologies, Inc.

    Experience VoIP Technology From Ascendant

    Ascendant Technlogies, Inc. is your enterprise VoIP service provider in NJ. We provide dedicated service to help you focus on your company. With our assistance, you can streamline your business communications and provide better service to your customers.

    Contact us today to learn more bout our VoIP partnership with Nextiva and how we can set you up with a quality office phone system for your business.