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    Enterprise Managed IT Services in NJ

    How you manage your company’s information technology (IT) systems can significantly impact business value. When you book enterprise IT services in New Jersey, you can ensure your IT investments are implemented and managed for the best results. You’ll also enable your business to achieve its individualized goals and objectives.

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    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is your destination for reliable and efficient IT support. Our enterprise IT company has served NJ businesses across numerous industries for over 25 years and counting, delivering custom IT services that help our clients succeed. With more than 2,235 IT projects completed and over 115 available services, we’re the industry experts you can rely on.

    What Is Enterprise IT Management?

    Enterprise IT management is a strategy that organizations use to optimize IT management and maximize business value. Through this tactic, businesses prioritize their IT investments in a way that aligns with their needs while boosting operational efficiency and reducing costs. By prioritizing their IT activities, these organizations gain greater value from their investments.

    Enterprise IT services optimize IT capabilities across three primary areas:

    • IT governance: Gathering information regarding quality, risk and service cost to better balance IT investments.
    • Security management: Implementing policies and controls to secure assets against cyber threats.
    • Business service management: Managing business impact by focusing on IT services that deliver the most value.

    Enterprise Managed IT Services at Ascendant

    At scale, your IT network is a massive responsibility and asset to your business. Odds are, you already have somebody in-house managing your company’s computer systems. As your business grows, so does the demand for enterprise IT services and support for your employees.

    Ascendant can assist your current in-house IT staff with our block-hour agreements. You tell us how many hours you need on a monthly basis, and we’ll have a seasoned IT specialist at your offices ready to go. Our IT staff can help with support tickets, completing an upcoming IT project and IT consulting for recommendations on hardware/software.

    Don’t allow the demand for IT support to hold back your company’s growth! Speak to one of our representatives today and ask them about our Enterprise Assist™ program. This streamlined application allows you to:

    • Have a top IT expert work with your in-house technicians.
    • Reduce your IT support tickets queue and resolve tickets faster.
    • Tackle IT projects that may be out of your in-house technicians’ skillset.

      Download Our Managed IT Services Guide Here

      Your business is growing, but your IT tickets, new projects and IT support demands are stacking up faster than ever. Ascendant will develop a custom IT strategy to address all your IT requirements. We’ll send our New Jersey IT consultants to your business and expedite your IT workflow. Not sure how many hours to buy? Call our account coordinators to discuss your needs in detail. There are no long-term agreements — just IT expertise when and where you need it the most!

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      You don’t need to increase payroll and employee benefits costs. You don’t want another IT-related staff member full-time. We’ll work with your business to address your IT requirements to best serve your company. We can send our top NJ IT consultants to your business on our block-hour schedule. Use our IT consultants to knock out those support tickets and IT projects faster, without adding substantial overhead to your business.

      You have an IT department. They’re capable — but let’s face it, they’re overwhelmed. You know it and they know it. Why not engage Ascendant to assist them with a full suite of IT services designed for companies with in-house IT staff? That’s Ascendant’s Enterprise Assist™ program. Whether you need a support engineer, desktop specialist or network engineer, Ascendant’s team stands ready!

      Benefits of Booking Enterprise IT Services in NJ

      Calling Ascendant for enterprise IT consulting in New Jersey means taking the first step toward optimizing your business through strategic IT management. Through these services, you can experience many advantages for your company, including:

      • Reducing costs: When you improve your IT processes, automation and workflow, you eliminate the need for any unnecessary manual efforts and rework, saving your company money.
      • Increasing productivity: With IT ticketing systems, staff members can quickly respond to IT support requests in one organized location, enabling them to address and resolve issues faster, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.
      • Improving standardization: Enterprise service management allows for a single point of service that employees can use companywide.
      • Maximizing self-service efficiency: Enterprise IT service management allows employees to submit requests and get the solutions they need more efficiently, maximizing uptime.
      • Increasing labor savings: Because staff can log IT issues through self-service and receive automated solutions without calling a help desk, you can potentially cut down on manual labor costs.

      Why Choose Ascendant as Your Enterprise Managed IT Service Company in NJ?

      Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is your dependable source for enterprise IT managed services in New Jersey. For over two decades, we’ve focused on perfecting our IT management techniques to create solutions optimized for your industry. When you book services through us, you’ll experience:

      • Our expert team: We only hire the most qualified IT consultants with at least five years of industry experience, cultivating a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals.
      • Custom IT management: Every company is different. That’s why we design IT strategies geared toward each client’s individualized goals and objectives.
      • Ongoing support: Our staff provides around-the-clock support, monitoring your systems 24/7.

      Maximize Business Value With Enterprise IT Consulting in NJ Today

      If you’re looking for an enterprise IT company in NJ that puts customers first, choose Ascendant. We offer free network assessments, low turnover rates and expert insights to deliver the best results.

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