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    HIPAA-Compliant Email Encryption

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    HIPAA-Compliant Email Encryption Sevices

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures that healthcare providers or other entities with access to protected health information (PHI) safeguard consumers’ data. Many healthcare organizations transmit messages via an encrypted system or portal. However, email is another viable option.

    If you choose to use email for messaging, the partner you select must enter a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The BAA states that they will help you protect sensitive data. This protection comes from what we know as encryption, a key element of cybersecurity that’s essential to keeping identifiable and personal information safe.  Healthcare organizations in the United States are required to maintain HIPAA compliance.

    What Is Email Encryption and How Do You Do It?

    HIPAA-compliant email encryption services help you protect personal health information. While HIPAA-compliant Gmail does not exist on its own, you can use Google Workspace instead to enter into a BAA. Microsoft 365 also works for email encryption, as do several other services you can purchase online.

    Encryption emails help prevent data from being readable to outside parties. When choosing which provider to use for HIPAA-compliant encryption emails, you have to find a service that offers end-to-end encryption, which means that sent, received and stored emails are encrypted no matter where they are in the system.

    BAA agreements with Microsoft or Google help you comply with HIPAA. However, you need to have other practices in place to ensure you are following HIPAA guidelines. These practices include training staff on sending encrypted emails and storing confidential data correctly.

    What Happens If I Don't Encrypt My Email?

    Inadequate email encryption is a violation of U.S. HIPAA laws. While email communication directives represent only a portion of these laws, they are highly important. If you don’t encrypt your email correctly or at all, you may face numerous fines in addition to losing the trust of your patients. Safeguarding PHI is essential to maintaining the reputation of your business.

    Encrypted email establishes your company as having providers who care about their patients and plays a vital role in thwarting would-be cybercriminals who try to access your sensitive data.

    How Can Ascendant Technologies Help With HIPAA-Compliant Email Encryption?

    Trained technicians from Ascendant can help you set up HIPAA-compliant email encryption for Office 365 or Gmail. HIPAA-compliant email is one of our specialties. When you use Ascendant for your managed IT services, our technicians work with your email provider to set up data encryption while you focus on managing successful business operations. At Ascendant, we ensure that your email provider works with you to follow HIPAA compliance laws.

    Choose Ascendant for HIPAA-Compliant Email Encryption Services for Your New Jersey Operations

    Ascendant plans help you save money because our IT teams help you succeed without increasing your payroll. Our services are here to support you by enhancing productivity and preventing downtime. When you need increased cybersecurity for protected data, Ascendant is here to help.

    With over 25 years of IT experience in the tristate area, we can help you manage your IT and HIPAA-compliant email services. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Sonicwall and similar companies help us give you the best price.

    Contact us for a free network assessment today or to learn more about our HIPAA email encryption service offerings in New Jersey.