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    Email Encryption Services for Business in NJ

    Email Encryption Services for Business in NJ

    Email is the backbone of today’s business world, and you want to ensure that your correspondence is protected and compliant with IT guidelines. Email encryption safeguards your emails and protects both the sender and recipient from external problems. Finding email encryption services in NJ is simple when you choose Ascendant Technologies, Inc.

    Our email encryption setup in NJ can guard your information and improve internal and external communications. Save up to $85,000 yearly when you outsource your managed cloud service with Ascendant. Find out more about how we enhance your business communications with email encryptions services.

    What Is Email Encryption?

    Email encryption involves disguising (encrypting) email content so that it’s hidden from outside viewers. Encryption often consists of an authentication procedure to ensure that both the sender and recipient can view the message. Encrypting email protects your messages and email accounts from hackers.

    There are a few options for encrypting and securing email, and Ascendant can find the best solution for your business. We address the three primary items that you should encrypt, including:

    • The connection to your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
    • The message within the email.
    • Your archived and saved emails.

    When you address all of these areas, you keep unwanted individuals out of your network, prevent outsiders from viewing your messages and stop hackers from viewing older messages. Email encryption is vital for clear, safe communication inside and outside of your organization.

    How Email Encryption Can Help Your Business

    Protecting your emails ensures that your company information and contacts stay safe. Advantages to email encryption include:

    If your business works with sensitive customer information like medical, legal or school records, you need to make sure that your emails are encrypted to follow client privacy laws.

    You can maximize your security costs will email encryption. You’ll avoid security threats and reduce overall downtime when you begin protecting your emails.

    When you’re emailing company data back and forth, you want to feel confident in your security. With encryption, you can speak freely in your email messages.

    Ascendant offers all of these benefits and more with our comprehensive encryption services. We cover Gmail, Yahoo and Office 365 email encryption setup in NJ. Work with us and you’ll see how simple it is to have IT experts protect your email servers.

    Why Choose Ascendant?

    Ascendant Technologies, Inc. has helped companies in multiple industries enhance their IT procedures for decades. Over time, we’ve perfected our approach to IT services and created a professional, customer-first system. Businesses that use our services get benefits such as:

    • Constant system monitoring: We can access your cloud system 24/7 to monitor for updates and provide assistance when you need it.
    • Personalized care: Every business has unique needs. We cater to you so that you can get the most out of our services.
    • Professional team members: Our technicians all have at least five years of experience, and they go through ongoing training to provide well-informed support.

    Protect Your Emails With Ascendant Services

    With over 20 years of experience, we can help you improve your overall technology network. Our strategy can reduce company downtime and help you provide quality services to your customers. Trust us to handle your email encryption services and protect your company information.

    Contact us to learn more about our email encryption services!