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    Employee Cyber Training

    As organizations worldwide adopt more extensive IT infrastructures, the targets for sophisticated cybercriminals become larger. Beyond having a high-quality network security service in place, employee education is one of the main ways to combat these headaches.

    Ascendant Technologies Inc. offers engaging and comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training for your staff. We’ll create a customized training process that educates your team and tests them on their ability to assess threats and maintain cybersecurity best practices on the job.

    What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

    Cybersecurity awareness training mitigates risk by educating nontechnical employees on identifying and preventing threats. The training program focuses on the types of threats that come up for your staff on a day-to-day basis and teaches them how to combat these problems. For example, a secretary browsing emails would learn not to open a suspicious message advertising a free cash gift.

    Learning these best practices will arm your employees to identify cyberattacks that come up over email or while browsing the web.

    Why Is Staff IT Security Training Important?

    While your company’s technical infrastructure will go a long way in mitigating threats, most security incidents have human error as a contributing factor. That’s why cybersecurity awareness training is so critical for 21st-century employees.

    Several types of common user errors are easy to prevent, including:

    • Poor user names and passwords: Employees often use easy-to-guess passwords that include personal information like phone numbers, birthdays or names. Strong passwords with random letters, numbers and characters can offer extra protection against brute force or dictionary attacks.
    • Lost devices: Staff members who use their own devices for work sometimes lose laptops and smartphones with private company data. If your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, dedicated training can help your employees follow best practices.
    • Unsafe links: It’s easy for a nontechnical employee to accidentally click on an infected email or URL while browsing the web. Anyone can learn how to spot suspicious activity and steer away from problematic websites.
    • Improper patch management: Software patches can help your organization mitigate security vulnerabilities, but only if everyone installs them in a timely manner. An expert can explain why updates are so critical and encourage self-accountability among your staff when it comes to patch management.

    How Ascendant's Employee Cyber Training Works

    Ascendant focuses on a comprehensive plan to safeguard your company against all types of threats. We also provide industry-specific training for companies in fields like health care that deal with strict regulations surrounding private data.

    General Topics

    Many of the most dangerous threats are common and overlooked by the average employee. These are the main topics we cover for thwarting cybersecurity threats:

    • Phishing: Ascendant will help your team recognize phishing messages and the consequences of responding to one without thinking.
    • Passwords: We’ll walk your team members through creating strong passwords and explain why they should never use personal or repeat passcodes.
    • Ransomware: Our experts will teach your staff about how to spot ransomware hacks like malicious attachments or downloads. We also provide training on the serious consequences of accidentally clicking on these attacks.
    • Wire fraud: This training teaches employees about the dangers of hackers impersonating executives and indicators of this type of fraud.
    • Security hygiene: Ascendant provides training on how to keep physical assets like desks, papers and screens free from security threats.
    • Data transfer: Data is often at its most vulnerable when it moves from location to location via the cloud, email or USB. We’ll explain best practices for data transfer from a security standpoint.

    Specialized Topics

    Many industries require special knowledge of security threats and increased human error accountability. Ascendant can help to protect your team with training in key areas like these:

    • PFI: We’ll train your team on the ways that human error can reveal personally identifiable information (PFI), such as screenshotting and sharing personnel files.
    • PCI: We’ll walk employees through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) to ensure customer credit card information is secure.
    • HIPAA: The Ascendant team can guide your employees through the best practices for complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • GDPR: European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requires that employees understand how to protect European citizens’ personal data and privacy.

    Connect With Ascendant for Cybersecurity Training Today

    If you’re ready to take cybersecurity awareness at your company to the next level, choose Ascendant. Our IT training firm has proudly completed over 2,235 IT projects in the last decade. We know the threats and steps you can take to protect your team because we’ve worked with thousands of clients across industries like manufacturing, health care and real estate.

    Want to learn more? Reach out to the Ascendant team today.