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    7 Benefits of Hiring a vCIO to Manage Your Enterprise Business

    vCIO IT Management

    7 Benefits of Hiring a vCIO to Manage Your Enterprise Business


    Are you contemplating hiring a vCIO to manage your enterprise business’s IT? If yes, the information below will be very helpful! In it, we’ll discuss the 7 benefits of hiring a vCIO and how it can help your business thrive. If that sounds like information you need right now, read on!

    In This Article:

    1. A Virtual CIO Can Save Your Business Mountains of Money
    2. Expert Advice When You Need It
    3. An Unbiased Viewpoint when Big Decisions Must Be Made
    4. Fresh Ideas from a Seasoned Expert
    5. Finding, and Closing, Operational Gaps
    6. Help Migrating and Integrating Data
    7. Expert Help When Disaster Strikes

    Technology – The Core of 21st Century Business

    At the heart of every enterprise business today, no matter the industry, service, or product they manufacture, is one thing; technology. Technology runs, well, everything, from making sure appointments are kept to processing payments, tracking orders, paying employees, you name it. Yes, many of these are basic functions, but they’re still essential and needed to keep your business running smoothly.


    Of course, if you’re a startup company or an entrepreneur, you’re probably handling the day-to-day duties of a CIO yourself. At least for now, that’s fine as you’re still small-ish and your staff is small too. But what’s going to happen in a year? How about in 5 or 10 years when your business will be substantially larger? At that point, managing your IT will be vastly more complex and certainly not something you want to do yourself. That’s when hiring a vCIO can be highly beneficial. Below are 7 reasons why:


    1 – A Virtual CIO Can Save Your Business Mountains of Money

    The typical IT expert is skilled, experienced, and capable. A CIO, even more so, with talents and knowledge that’s very valuable. The problem; all that valuable skill and knowledge is going to cost you. If you’re an SMR or relatively new enterprise business, the cost of a CIO is likely out of your budget, let alone hiring an entire IT staff.


    Furthermore, the peripheral costs of hiring talented IT staffers can be exorbitant, especially when you consider their salaries, benefits, and any training they might need. Also, there’s the risk you train them, and then they leave for “greener pastures” (i.e., your competitors).


    However, with a vCIO, you get all of these excellent qualities at a fraction of the cost. Plus, since they’re outsourced, all peripheral costs disappear, including training, insurance, benefits, and other overhead expenses.


    2 – Expert Advice When You Need It

    Having a roadmap, if you will, for your future IT can be valuable indeed. When you work with a vCIO, they can build that map for your business. That way, as your enterprise business grows, provides new services, and takes on new employees, you’ll know which way to turn next, IT-wise. Having a vCIO on-call is an excellent method to achieve all of your many business goals.


    3 – An Unbiased Viewpoint when Big Decisions Must Be Made

    One of the most significant drawbacks of an enterprise business? Being too close to a project to look at it through an unbiased lens. That goes for you as the business owner as well as your internal executives. When assessing needs, implementing new technology, or solving company pain points, bias can lead to misunderstandings and costly mistakes.


    With a vCIO, however, you get the opinions of an expert who sees things from afar and can give you unbiased answers and thoughts about what business moves to make. How to improve efficiency, for example, increase cyber-security or lower operating costs through acquisition of new tech. The result; solutions that better fit your business’s needs and promote further growth and success.


    4 – Fresh Ideas from a Seasoned Expert

    One of the best reasons to hire a vCIO is this; fresh viewpoints about your business, how it operates, and where it should be going. As with #3, you’ll get this sage, experienced advice from an unbiased source. Most vCIO’s come to the table with a plethora of excellent ideas and strategies, all of which you can take advantage of when they’re part of your team.


    5 – Finding, and Closing, Operational Gaps

    One of the many challenges in any business is to find operational gaps and close them. That includes, for example;


    • Ensuring your business complies with industry regulations.
    • Auditing and improving your security efforts.
    • Managing and improving business processes and systems.
    • Preparing the business for government audits.
    • Developing company processes and policies.


    All of these tasks, and more, need to be understood well to apply the best solutions. Asking your IT team to do this can be overwhelming at best. If you don’t have an IT team, it’s nearly impossible. However, with a vCIO onboard, you’ll have an IT expert who can chart find these gaps, and close them before they become a larger, more costly (and image-damaging) issue.


    6 – Help Migrating and Integrating Data

    If there’s one thing that holds true in business, it’s this; technology keeps improving, and data grows and moves with it. That’s not a problem so much as the task of keeping up with it, which is where a vCIO’s experience and skill come in handy. They know cost-effective methods to migrate data, for example, and mitigate data loss during the process. Effectively sharing data is another benefit a vCIO provides as well as planning for future data storage and access needs.


    7 – Expert Help When Disaster Strikes

    It’s nearly impossible to be fully prepared in the event of a natural or human-made disaster, it’s true. With a vCIO onboard, however, surviving and recovering from a catastrophe becomes significantly easier. That’s because they can create a business continuity plan specific to your needs, one that helps the company get back on its feet quickly once the recovery process starts. From flooding to fires, hacking events, hurricanes, and more, your business will be far better protected when you’re working with a vCIO.


    In Conclusion

    Technology, for better or worse, keeps changing and improving. When you have the right people in the right places, keeping up with these changes is significantly easier. That’s why hiring a vCIO to manage your enterprise business is so valuable. They will be your trusted advisor, with unbiased opinions and expert skills that can take your enterprise business to new heights. Looking to hire a vCIO? Please leave your contact information below for more information.