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    Benefits of Outsourcing IT Management for Your Somerset Business

    Ascendant is the smart choice for Somerset businesses

    Somerset, New Jersey, is known as a business hub and thriving economy due to its proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia. With the hustle comes steep competition. Your business needs to leverage every opportunity to be more efficient, deliver better products and services and have a competitive edge. In a digital world, you cannot afford to be left behind. Your resources may be limited, meaning you need to make wise investments. Or, you may have a significant enterprise and can only rely on an experienced IT provider. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. is the solution.

    Ascendant is a Somerset IT management company with over two decades of experience and a world-class engineering team. We will help your business streamline operations, save on in-house IT costs and see exceptional return on investment.

    The Benefits of Outsourced IT Services in Somerset

    You may have IT systems but need better resources to manage and maintain them. Hiring in-house technicians can be costly, and the workload is often beyond what is feasible without outside assistance. There are multiple benefits to outsourcing your IT services:

    • Boosted productivity and efficiency: Experienced IT professionals know the latest best practices, risks and solutions. You will benefit from an IT environment that is dependable, streamlined and with less risk of extended downtime from technology-related concerns. Your employees will be more productive and focused on your business goals.
    • Reduced costs: Outsourcing services helps you manage IT-related expenses. You avoid fees associated with hiring and training new employees and ongoing salary and benefit costs. Outsourced services mean you pay a set monthly rate.
    • Experienced support: Outsourced services give you unlimited access to highly qualified and experienced experts to resolve IT issues.
    • Decreased risk: IT experts implement robust cybersecurity systems to protect you from breaches and attacks. In the rare instance that a breach does occur, professionals can mitigate risks and recover data quickly.

    Tailored Solutions for Somerset-Based Businesses

    Your business is unique. Your IT management solutions should be, too. Regardless of the size of your Somerset business, we will help you with tailored services:

    Measuring ROI for Outsourced IT Management

    You may assume you’re saving by keeping your IT management in-house. The truth is that outsourcing IT has proven results and return on investment (ROI). U.S. companies that outsource services save 70%-90% in labor costs, with 76% of companies outsourcing IT roles.

    Full-time employees are costly, and the risk to your business is too significant — you cannot have someone mismanage your IT assets and network. Ascendant helps you expertly manage your IT infrastructure without paying exorbitant salary-related fees. Our rates are a fraction of an in-house IT team member, and we offer a flat rate. No hidden costs or surprise fees. Plus, with Ascendant, you don’t get one expert for our service fee — you get multiple.

    When weighing up the risks, rewards and cost savings, outsourcing your IT services yields a far greater return on investment.

    Ascendant Is the Smart Choice for Somerset Businesses

    Ascendant provides dependable and first-rate IT support for Somerset businesses. Since 1993, we have helped companies reduce operational costs and streamline IT needs. We provide:

    • 24/7 support: The Ascendant team monitors your IT infrastructure around the clock. Even if you have outages over weekends or after hours, we are ready to sort issues quickly.
    • Custom IT management: We understand Somerset has a diverse business environment, and no industry or company needs are the same. We tailor IT strategies to cater to your organization’s specific operations.
    • Increased efficiency: Our expert team enables you to cultivate a reliable IT environment, mitigating significant risks and minimizing downtime from technology-related issues.
    • Trusted service: We have over two decades of experience, thousands of completed projects and counting, and more than 115 available IT services. Beyond these stats, our client testimonials speak for themselves.

    Get a Quote for Managed IT Solutions in Somerset

    You need an IT solutions provider that is responsive and proactive and executes support flawlessly. Ascendant provides reliable IT support for businesses in Somerset and beyond. In-house IT technicians’ salaries can amount to $85,000 annually. Outsourcing can help you significantly save costs and free your resources to focus on your bottom line.

    We offer Somerset business owners free IT assessments. One of our experienced engineers will evaluate your network security, firewall, recovery systems, workstations, software and hardware. We’ll provide tangible solutions and recommendations without using IT speak.

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