Enterprise IT Consulting

Enterprise IT Management

At scale, your IT network is a massive responsibility and asset to your business.  Odds are you already have somebody in-house managing your company computer systems.  As your business grows, so does the demand for IT services and support for your employees.  Ascendant can assist your current in-house IT staff with our block-hour agreements.  You tell us how many hours you need on a monthly basis and we’ll have a seasoned IT specialist at your offices ready to go.  Our IT staff can help with support tickets, complete an upcoming IT project, and make professional recommendations on hardware/software.

Don’t allow the demand for IT support hold back your company growth!  Speak to one of our representatives today and ask them about our Enterprise Assist™ program.

  • Have a top IT expert work with your in-house technicians
  • Reduce your IT support tickets queue and resolve tickets faster
  • Tackle IT projects that may be out of your in-house technicians skill set

Your business is growing, but your IT tickets, new projects and IT support demands are stacking up faster than ever.  Ascendant will develop a custom IT strategy to address all your IT requirements.  We’ll send our New Jersey IT consultants to your business and expedite your IT workflow.  Not sure how many hours to buy?  Call our account coordinators to discuss your needs in detail.  No long term agreements.  Just IT expertise, when and where you need it the most!

You don’t need to increase payroll & employee benefits costs.  You don’t want another IT-related staff member full time.  We’ll work with your business to address your IT requirements to best serve your company.  We can send our top NJ IT consultants to your business on our block hour schedule.  Use our IT consultants to knock out those support tickets & IT projects faster.  Without the need of adding substantial overhead to your business.

You have an IT-department.  They’re capable., but let’s face it, they’re overwhelmed.  You know it and they know it.  Why not engage Ascendant to assist them with a full suite of IT services designed for companies with in-house IT staff?  That’s Ascendant’s Enterprise Assist™ program. Whether you need a support engineer, desktop specialist, or network engineer, Ascendant’s team stands ready!