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Healthcare IT Management

Navigating the HIPPA compliance maze can be confusing.  Especially when it comes to technology  Ascendant we can help build a path to IT success and HIPPA compliance for your business.  There’s a lot at risk when it comes to securing patient data!  You don’t have to walk the compliance road alone.  Ascendant has worked with some of the largest healthcare providers in the world.  We can secure your network, protect company assets, and improve staff’s productivity.  Let Ascendant Technologies, Inc. be your NJ based, local health-care aware IT department.

  • Reach and maintain HIPPA compliance
  • Develop a sustainable IT management health-care strategy
  • Use our IT support desk to support your health-care staff
  • Emergency Response for critical system failures

As you know, the healthcare industry had a wide range of compliance standards. You need an experienced IT company to ensure your network is secure while also meeting HIPPA standards.  Ascendant Technologies has over 25 years of providing IT support for healthcare companies in NJ and PA.  We have the expertise and understand the risks and the liabilities.

Developing the right long-term IT strategy for your healthcare company is critical.  Technology in health-care can be a strategic and competitive advantage. Ascendant’s team will work to understand. how you operate day to day and the importance of your computers and phone systems.  Your patients’ health are at stake, we take that very seriously.  We understand, downtime is not an option.  Maintaining a sustainable healthcare network for your business is one of Ascendant’s top priorities!

As your outsourced IT department we can provide a full suite of IT services including, but not limited to: end-user support, systems management and hardware/software purchasing. Our technical staff will tackle computer issues head-on before they become problematic to your entire company.  Ascendant Technologies, Inc. understand the unique demands of healthcare and how technology can help render healthcare related services.