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Healthcare IT Management

Navigating the HIPAA compliance maze can be confusing, especially when it comes to technology. At Ascendant, we can help build a path to IT success and HIPAA compliance for your business.

There’s a lot at risk when it comes to securing patient data. Your organization is responsible for securing confidential health information, birth dates, social security numbers, credit cards data and more. Many healthcare facilities also have medical devices that connect directly to the internet, so these machines need regular security sweeps because they are easy to overlook as a vulnerability. That’s why IT services designed for the medical industry can help you succeed.

You don’t have to walk the compliance road alone. Ascendant has worked with some of the largest healthcare providers in the world. We can secure your network, protect company assets and improve your staff’s productivity.

Let Ascendant Technologies, Inc. be your NJ-based, local healthcare-aware IT department. We’ll help you:

  • Reach and maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Develop a sustainable IT management healthcare strategy.
  • Use our IT support desk to support your healthcare staff.
  • Receive emergency responses for critical system failures.

As you know, the healthcare industry has a wide range of compliance standards. You need an experienced IT company to ensure your network is secure while also meeting HIPAA standards. Ascendant Technologies has over 25 years of providing IT support for healthcare companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have the expertise and understand the risks and the liabilities.

Failing to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations can lead to serious fines and legal action such as remediation efforts. We work 24/7 to provide IT support for your medical practice or hospital so you can have peace of mind.

Our healthcare IT consultants will help you create a compliance plan so you can focus on patient care. We have several specific strategies for maintaining compliance:

  • Security audits: We perform routine audits with documentation to demonstrate that even in the event of a breach, you were in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations for IT management.
  • Network penetration testing: This process mimics the potential attacks of a hacker to find a list of IT infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • Email: Any electronic mail sent from platforms like Office 365 or Gmail must have HIPAA-compliant levels of encryption. Our technical specialists will help you set up this system step-by-step.

Developing the right long-term IT strategy for your healthcare company is critical. Technology in healthcare can be a strategic and competitive advantage. Ascendant’s team will work to understand how you operate day-to-day and the importance of your computers and phone systems. When your patients’ healthcare is at stake, we take that very seriously. We understand that downtime is not an option.

Maintaining a sustainable healthcare network for your business is one of Ascendant’s top priorities. That’s why our healthcare IT services focus on securing each potential threat point for your system. The main points of our cybersecurity strategy include:

  • Asset protection: It’s key to catalog hardware and software internet-connected assets along with medical devices. These assets include the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT), Operational Technology and much more.
  • Endpoint security: When a sensitive patient data document reaches a desktop or laptop, there’s a major opportunity for cybercriminals to attack. That’s why we use endpoint encryption and protection policies to secure your servers, networks and endpoints with constant monitoring and alerts.
  • Threat management: Ascendant regularly patches system and software vulnerabilities to protect your organization against ransomware and data breaches from cybercriminals.

As your outsourced IT department, we can provide a full suite of IT services, including end-user support, systems management and hardware/software purchasing. Our technical staff will tackle computer issues head-on before they become problematic for your entire company. Ascendant Technologies, Inc. understands the unique demands of healthcare and how technology can help render healthcare-related services.

We have a three-step strategy that we follow for healthcare IT services:

  • Audit: We perform an audit to check your current HIPAA compliance and analyze any hardware, network, or technology issues.
  • Strategy: We help you form a strategy for improving your IT performance. We’ll assign your company an account manager, two support engineers and unlimited access to our support desk.
  • Sustainability: Finally, we focus on maintaining the IT set-up with regular security patches, system and hardware updates and much more.

Emergency Response

As a healthcare IT service company, Ascendant is the partner to trust when you have an emergency. Losing access to confidential data that can impact the healthcare process, like patients records, is a serious matter. Our team will walk with you through any urgent situation, from an accidental deletion because of user error to a disaster that destroys your hardware.

The Ascendant support team will help you in three key ways to recover your data:

  1. Hard drive recovery: Ascendant has trustworthy partner companies who specialize in recovering data lost on laptop or desktop hard drives. Whether the data becomes lost through issues like drive clicking or boot failure, our partners can help restore the data for your healthcare facility.
  2. Laptop recovery: Our team can tackle accidental data wiping or physical damage to laptops from popular brands like HP, Dell and Acer.
  3. Cloud storage: As a part of our data strategy, we can help you think ahead with a cloud storage system that backs up your data. In the event of an emergency, you have an Ascendant system to reacquire the data for you.