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    IT Support For Dentists

    If you own a busy dental practice, you need dental office IT support. Learn more about how Ascendant Technologies, Inc. can serve as your IT manager.

    IT Services for Dental Offices From Ascendant

    At Ascendant, we can manage your companywide IT for a flat monthly rate. We offer the following IT services:

    • Managed IT services: Our IT management plan will be customized to your business’s needs.  Our managed IT services give your business unlimited IT support, IT monitoring and management, as well as cyber security services.
    • IT projects: To manage any project, our IT consultants will deliver white-glove service. IT projects can include Office 365 email migration, server installation and implementing new malware protection such as a new firewall.
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones: We can implement a world-class phone system with numerous innovative features, multi-office support and easy scalability.
    • Cloud services: We also offer cloud services, ranging from cloud-based file systems to desktop as a service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
    • Network security: You can trust us to protect your company’s network from cyberthreats via our IT security solutions, such as antivirus software, firewall hardware and malware protection.  It’s our job to protect your patient data.  Get started today with our cyber security services for dentist today!
    • Remote support desk: Whenever you experience problems with your Wi-Fi, email, printing or system performance, refer to our IT support desk to get efficient, computer support for dentists in your practice.
    • Business email services: Our business email services allow us to easily protect and manage your corporate email system and keep your system in compliance with industry and retention standards.
    • Professional server maintenance: Your servers need to be properly maintained to ensure they continue running. At Ascendant, our professional server maintenance service allows us to monitor your server health, scripts, storage and patching 24/7.
    • Data recovery and backup: We will ensure your data is recoverable from ransomware events or hardware failure by optimizing both your onsite and offsite backup systems.
    • Server and desktop management: With this service, we install a non-intrusive software agent to monitor your system around-the-clock. This software alerts us to possible underlying issues like out-of-date antivirus software or decreased storage. Our desktop and server management services can handle all your IT issues onsite or remotely.
    • Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services: A virtual CTO is an off-site, outsourced manager who focuses on managing and designing your organization’s technology. We offer this CTO service so you can skip hiring a full-time CTO while still getting guidance through IT efficiency, security and profitability decisions.
    • Network infrastructure consulting services: With our consulting services, we can assess your system’s strategy, installation and technical design. We aim to prepare your company for advances in technology and keep your network objectives in mind for every decision. We’ll help plan everything from firewalls and routers to server rooms and computers.

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      Why You Should Choose Ascendant

      Compared to other IT companies for dental offices, Ascendant allows you to enjoy more benefits:

      • Save money: Our clients save money by using us as their IT department versus hiring in-house IT technicians at more than $85,000 annually. When you work with us, you can retain more of your money, as you will not have to increase your payroll and pay benefits.
      • Reduce downtime: Our active IT management strategy reduces company downtime, keeping your business running.
      • Get great pricing: We have several partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Datto, Nextiva, Fortinet and Sonicwall. These partnerships give us the best pricing to pass on to our clients.
      • Partner with the experts: We’re an experienced MSP with more than 25 years of experience in managing companies in the tristate area, which means we are the most qualified for the job. We hire only the top certified IT technicians, so you can rest assured that your company is in good hands.
      • Get 24/7 support: Get IT support around the clock when you choose Ascendant, along with continuous system monitoring.
      • Receive a free network assessment: We also offer a free network assessment to determine where your company currently stands, after which we can then develop a plan of action.

      Contact Us for Dental IT Consulting

      At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we set the standard for efficiency and quality by proactively manage strategy for managing IT. Our services allow us to provide individualized support and reduce downtime in your business. Each of our IT consultants has at least five years of experience before joining our team to ensure you get the highest caliber IT assistance. Along with dental practices, we also serve the following industries:

      • Financial
      • Education
      • Healthcare
      • Real estate
      • Manufacturing

      Partner with us to stop recurring IT issues and headaches. Contact us at Ascendant today for managed IT services.