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    Thank you for taking the first step toward seeking managed IT services for your company by downloading our Guide to Managed IT Services. At Ascendant Technologies, Inc., we believe unlimited IT support and services play a crucial role in every business.

    In this guide, you’ll learn what managed IT services are and what they include. You will also learn about the following:

    • The key elements of managed IT services
    • What server management is
    • What desktop management is
    • Benefits of server and desktop management services
    • What server maintenance is
    • The importance of server maintenance
    • What managed cloud services are
    • The benefits of working in the cloud
    • Managed cloud services with Ascendant
    • What network security is
    • The importance of strong network security
    • Network security with Ascendant

    With managed IT services, your company can outsource your IT operations to expert providers who can handle your systems, applications and security to optimize your operations. When you need reliable, efficiently managed IT support, turn to Ascendant for managed IT services in New Jersey. We help small and medium-sized businesses take control of their IT at a fraction of the cost of employing an IT manager in-house. We will develop an IT management plan customized for your company.

    When you work with Ascendant, we protect your company’s IT assets from malware, spam and hackers, and our fully-staffed support desk is available to help your employees when you need us. Whether aging hardware is putting your company at risk or you are struggling to manage your IT projects, we can help. Contact us at Ascendant today for managed IT services for your business.