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    What is Co-Managed IT Services?

    What is co-managed IT services with man at computer

    Co-managed IT services are an excellent option for mid-sized companies looking to outsource some of their IT needs. Outsourcing specific IT functions allows your existing internal IT team to focus on what they do best without the distraction of managing computers systems, support, or their networks.

    It also creates an opportunity for businesses with existing in-house resources to better leverage those resources by partnering with a managed service provider specializing in outsourced solutions.


    What is CoManaged IT Services?

    Co-managed IT services are outsourced IT services by a Managed Service Provider. The MSP works with an existing company’s internal IT department to provide support while freeing up valuable time and resources of their current internal IT department for other essential tasks within the organization.

    Why Choose Ascendant for Co Managed IT Services?

    Ascendant is a leading Managed Service Provider that offers co-managed IT services for mid-market and enterprise companies. Ascendant’s industry-leading IT professionals can manage all your technology needs to keep you running smoothly so that you don’t face any interruptions or slowdowns in daily business operations. We have more than 25 years of experience servicing SMB’s across North America.

    benefits of co-managed IT services

    Co-Managed IT Services Vs. Managed IT Services

    Co-managed IT services are distinguished from managed IT services because they work with an existing internal team rather than replacing it. This is beneficial because you will not have to hire additional staff or new employees.

    Co-Managed IT services allow a managed service provider to handle all IT support requests of an organization or manage a sophisticated IT project out of the internal IT department’s technical capabilities.

    Managed IT services are for businesses that aren’t large enough to have an existing IT team but still have systems to monitor, maintain, and staff to support. This is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want the advantages of having an IT Team at their fingertips as needed.

    Get More Out Of Your Existing IT Department with a Managed Service Provider

    Co-managed IT services are designed to work with your internal team, freeing them up from low-level tasks so they can focus on more pressing issues. It doesn’t make sense to have a level 3 technician troubleshooting level 1 support requests. Pass that along to a managed service provider. Your staff will thank you, and efficiency will rise!

    Utilizing Co-Managed Services Gives your business IT Cost savings

    Co-Managed IT solutions save your business money on many fronts, such as:

    • Zero recruiting costs.

    • You don’t have to increase payroll and pay for benefits like 401K, insurance, etc.

    • If your staff leave, you’ll never be left alone to troubleshoot issues.

    • Increased productivity from your existing IT team.

    • Managed service providers are a full-service IT department; this allows you to get by with fewer employees.

    • An MSP won’t give you just one employee. You’ll have a team that knows your IT environment inside and out.

    • Achieve industry regulations and avoid fines.

    What are the standard functions of co-managed IT solutions

    • Managing IT support

    • Monitoring and Maintenance of workstations, servers, and cloud computing

    • Network security roles, ex. Endpoint protection, threat protection, etc.

    • Network assessments ex: vulnerability management

    • Hardware procurement, ex. hardware replacements, new hardware, spec system requirements, implementation, etc.

    • Virtual CIO – Use our IT leaders expertise with a strategic partnership to reach business goals

    • Onsite IT Services – Our IT staff will travel to your company to work on projects or your end-users

    • Asset Management & Software Licenses Management

    • Mobile Device Management

    • and much more

    You’ve Decided to use Co Managed IT solutions, Now What?

    Using co managed IT solutions for your business brings a higher level of IT service management strategies to your company. This IT model brings valuable insight from an outsider looking in and opens doors to introduce new tech. Initially, your MSP does some strategic planning to help your business IT networks reach their goals. This stage is where the business needs are addressed and assigned to the MSP and the existing technical staff. The MSP will then document the current environment and need full access to your IT infrastructure. The existing IT dept. As the business strategy is developed, your MSP will point out opportunities for new technology solutions. The recommendations are not required to be implemented but put on the team’s radar.

    The second phase is the hands-on work. This is where your MSP will help transition and manage all IT support tasks, as well as event monitoring, maintenance, data backup, and secure your systems. The MSP will also provide best practice tools to you as their partner to boost the IT staff efficiency. These tools give insights for your team.

    The third phase is the ongoing support of your business network and systems. You can use your existing ticketing system or combine ticketing systems with your MSP. If your back office support desk needs additional resources to manage user-generated support tickets or a point of escalation, your MSP is there to assist. In addition to the ongoing support, your MSP will share their expertise on cyber security information, strategic initiatives, business continuity, aging hardware, and much more. Your business and your MSP is truly a partner.