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    What is Managed SOC Services?

    Text What is Managed SOC Services

    Introducing Managed SOC Services

    As a business owner, you are responsible for providing the best possible service to your customers. But as we all know, hackers and cybercriminals are constantly testing new cyber threats to get into our systems and steal sensitive data that could impact us. If such an event were to happen, it would be devastating for any company. That is why you must take proactive measures with an incident response team actively working against these threats and investing in security operations center services.

    What is Managed SOC Services And What Are Its Benefits

    Managed SOC Services, or Managed Security Operations Center Services, are a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with the necessary tools and resources to protect their systems from cybercrime. By outsourcing these services to a third-party provider, companies can confidently know that their systems are constantly monitored and that any suspicious activity will be immediately addressed. You can be confident your cyber security posture will be enhanced with a SOC service provider. Additionally, security operations center services (SOC) offer several benefits, including:

    Proactive Protection

    By identifying and addressing potential threats before they have a chance to cause damage, you can minimize your risk of suffering a data breach or other cyber incident.

    Efficient and Scalable Security Team

    A fully-managed service, we handle all aspects of security in your business so you can focus on growing your business.

    Increased Productivity

    Our services will ensure your employees and resources are not bogged down with process automation and upkeep; this allows them to be more productive at their jobs.

    Customized Security Services

    You don’t need to take care of the heavy lifting of cyber defense! We work with all types of businesses, from small enterprises to larger organizations, and develop a solution that fits the organization’s needs as a whole.

    Measurable Results

    Security Operations Center SOC allows businesses to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and have a clear view of what success looks like. We offer professional services to ensure that your company is not only meeting these KPIs, but is above them.

    With the many benefits of SOC as a service, it is no wonder that companies are constantly switching to professionally managed security providers.

    Types of SOC Services

    There are various types of SOC Services that businesses can avail themselves of, depending on their specific needs and budget. Some of the most popular services include:

    Managed SIEM

    This service provides businesses with 24/7 monitoring and analysis of their network traffic and log data to identify any malicious or unauthorized activity.

    Managed Threat Hunting

    This service uses human analysts to proactively search for and investigate potential threats to prevent them from causing damage.

    Managed Vulnerability Assessment

    Having a IT risk assessment done can help your businesses identify and fix vulnerabilities in their networks and systems, which hackers could exploit.

    Managed Security Awareness Training:

    This service allows employees to identify the latest threats that could enter their system. A well-informed end-user will be able to detect threats and prevent them from spreading throughout your business network.  This is why employees should participate in cyber security training.

    Professionally managed security services are only as good as their security analysts. That is why you must choose a provider with the expertise and capacity you need – this will ensure that your fully managed SOC as a service is tailored to your needs and budget.

    How to choose the right SOC Service for your business

    Choosing the right SOC Service for your business can be a daunting task, but it is important to select a provider that can meet your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

    Consider your budget

    Not all SOC Services are created equal, and some providers may be more affordable than others. Make sure to stick to your budget when making your decision.

    Consider Your Ideal Security Analysts

    What type of threats does your business face? What kind of data do you need to protect? Make sure to select a provider that offers services that align with your specific needs.

    Consider Your Team’s Expertise

    Do you have staff who are experienced as security specialists? If not, you may want to select a fully managed SOC Service that offers more comprehensive security and IT services.

    Consider the IT provider’s experience

    You want to make sure you select a security operations center SOC with the right skill set and experience. What level of experience do they have? What is their history of success?

    After considering all of these factors, it’s time to select a provider and make the investment in your business. A managed SOC Service will provide the tools and expertise needed to protect your business from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other security risks.

    FAQs about managed SOC Services

    What are the benefits of using a managed SOC (Security Operations Center)?

    There are many benefits to using a managed SOC, including:

    • Improved visibility into your organization’s security posture & threat intelligence

    • Immediate response to cyber attacks

    • Access to expert security analysts & a managed SOC team

    • 24/7 monitoring and reporting of your network environment via security software

    • Event management and response

    How much does a managed SOC service cost?

    The cost of a managed SOC service will vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization’s IT infrastructure. However, our services are affordable and customizable to meet any budget. Outsourcing your SOC team to an IT provider will be cheaper than trying to build your own in-house security team. Typically security experts can make well into six figures on salary.

    Since we all know that cyber-security is a rapidly growing business and many companies offer security solutions, I think it is essential to differentiate between SOC as a service and other security solutions.

    Managed SOC services offer more than just protection against current threats; they provide 24/7 monitoring and incident response for any potential attacks. Managed SOCs allow an organization to focus on its core business while at the same time giving them round-the-clock access to experts who ensure the highest level of protection and threat detection capabilities.

    Get Started Managed SOC Services Today

    Cyber security is a hot-button issue in today’s society. Given how quickly the landscape of online information changes, it can be hard to keep up with all that needs to happen for your business to stay safe and secure. You can start taking care of this problem by investing in managed SOC Services. With more than 25years’ industry expertise, our team and technology partners specialize in helping small and medium businesses like yours meet their IT goals without breaking the bank. Contact us if you want quality SOC services tailored to suit your budget and specific needs!