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    Top 5 Firewalls for Businesses in 2022

    Your firewall is a critical part of your cybersecurity infrastructure. As more companies undergo digital transformations, firewalls become more necessary than ever. But with all the options available, how do you know which is the best firewall for your business? We created this list to help you pick the best firewall software and hardware for […]
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    Cybersecurity Testing Methods

    Managing a technology infrastructure can be challenging, especially without an in-house internet technology (IT) team. Even with an IT department, you can easily miss threats and vulnerabilities. IT cybersecurity testing methods offer the extra level of protection companies need to keep data secure. Working with a third-party cybersecurity agency is an accessible way to employ […]
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    What Is Network Monitoring?

    What Is Network Monitoring?

    Network monitoring in cybersecurity is the process of monitoring a computer network to make sure it’s functioning as it should be and identify and resolve issues as soon as possible. Network administrators analyze the information from network monitoring to determine if the network is performing at its best. Network monitoring is proactive to prevent downtime […]
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    9 Types of Firewalls to Improve Security

    A firewall is your organization’s first point of defense against cyberattacks. However, choosing the right type of firewall for your business can be challenging. Learn More About Network Security You may be wondering how firewalls work, the different types of firewalls and how to choose the best for your organization. In this article, we take […]
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