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    7 Reasons To Switch IT Providers

    7 Reasons to switch IT providers

    7 Reasons To Switch IT Service Providers

    Switching IT service providers can be a difficult but necessary decision for businesses and organizations.  Choosing the right IT service provider is a major decision that can have a big impact on any organization’s bottom line. Not all IT companies are created equal; some may offer better customer service or more competitive prices than others. 

    One-Man Band or Small Team

    When you use a one-man managed services provider they will struggle to find the time to adequately service all their customers. One person only has so much time in the day, and if your staff needs support, the last thing you want to hear is they aren’t available at the moment.

    Many one-man IT shops will conduct their IT company as a side hustle. This means that they will work 8 hours a day and then try to troubleshoot your company’s technology issues. After a long day at work, you aren’t as sharp as you would be after a fresh night of sleep.

    Another downside to using a one-man IT provider would be they lack expertise in various areas of technology. IT is a fast-paced industry that is rapidly changing. It takes a strong team of industry professionals to have expertise in all areas of business technology. If your IT guy has to spend significant time teaching himself how to troubleshoot your issues, that falls on your dollar.

    They Take A Backseat When It Comes To Your IT Strategy

    If your IT service company is focused only on fighting support, versus improving your IT network this can hold your business back. An IT service company should be more than just somebody to call when things go wrong in the office. A professional IT company will be able to properly forecast, and improve the technology that your staff uses on a daily basis. Don’t let your IT service company take a backseat when it comes to your IT strategy.

    Poor Response When It Comes To Support

    The entire success of your company may rest on how quickly, the provider can respond to technical issues. Unfortunately, many managed IT service providers have demonstrated a troubling lack of responsiveness when it comes to providing timely solutions to staff IT problems. This lack of response time can become detrimental in certain situations where time is of the essence and issues need to be solved ASAP. When your IT service company isn’t responsive, it’s because they lack the resources to manage your technology demands properly.

    Ultimately, selecting an IT provider with excellent response rates will ensure that all technical issues are addressed promptly and correctly, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings for your business in the long run.

    They Struggle To Deliver A Full-Service IT Department

    Managed service providers (MSPs) are an attractive option for businesses looking for a full service IT department. However, not all MSPs can deliver on this promise. Many offer limited maintenance and support services, leaving businesses without access to skilled technical staff when they need it most. This can be a major hindrance to business productivity and profitability.

    Switching to a managed IT service provider can provide the robust support you need, freeing up any internal resources to focus on activities that improve your bottom line. Use a managed service provider that can provide you a team of technicians with various skillsets for a true full-service IT department.

    They Outsource Their Support To A Foreign Country

    Choosing an American-based managed service provider for your IT needs can offer several advantages over outsourcing support abroad. From better control and flexibility over services provided, reduced latency, improved network security measures and being held accountable by local laws governing privacy – a USA-based MSP gives businesses greater control over how they interact with customers while protecting their confidential information at all times. Leveraging a new IT service provider in the U.S. is a major selling point for many decision makers.

    You Can't Recover Your Data As Needed

    If a business’s current provider loses their data, it can have catastrophic consequences. Data loss can mean that crucial documents, information, and client details are all gone, potentially leading to large fines for non-compliance with regulations like GDPR. Furthermore, the business may suffer from reputation damage if the lost data is leaked online or shared with unauthorized parties. As such, prompt action needs to be taken when an IT service provider fails in this regard—the company should immediately seek out another IT partner who is more reliable and can provide a disaster recovery plan.

    You Always Need To Replace Your Hardware

    One situation in particular that may warrant looking for a new provider is if your current one always seems to blame hardware as the source of issues. This can be frustrating and unproductive, as hardware breakdowns are often just one variable in software problems – especially when it comes to slow performance or system instability. In addition, many service providers charge customers extra fees for replacing hardware components, so routinely misdiagnosing your IT infrastructure can become a costly issue for a small business with a tight technology budget.