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    How Managed IT Services Prevent Cyber Attacks

    How Managed IT Services Prevent Cyber Attacks

    Cybersecurity threats have become a significant concern for businesses of all sizes. While there is no foolproof way to guarantee the safety of your data and systems entirely, using a managed service provider can help protect your business from a range of cyber attacks.

    Managed IT services involve an IT service provider managing, maintaining, and supporting an organization’s IT infrastructure.

    Leveraging managed service providers, businesses can minimize the risk of being hit by malicious software, viruses, or other damaging attacks while improving their existing technology infrastructure.

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      9 Ways Managed IT Services Prevent Cyber Attacks

      Vulnerability Assessment

      A managed IT service provider can conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to determine any potential cyber security threats for their clients business networks. This assessment will include examining the security of access and authentication methods, as well as scanning for any vulnerable ports or open services.

      A managed IT service provider will use scanning technology to probe the internal systems of the client to detect vulnerabilities and examine how they can be mitigated. Once this evaluation is complete, the managed IT service provider can provide their client with a report outlining any security gaps found and recommendations for mitigating them so that their network is secure from cyber-attacks.

      Managed SOC (MDR)

      Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an essential service offered by managed IT service providers that can help protect clients from cyber threats. MDR services focus on proactively monitoring a client’s network, devices, and applications to detect malicious activity or suspicious behavior as quickly as possible. By providing real-time visibility into a client’s environment, MDR services can help identify potential threats before they become larger problems.

      MDR services allow for more efficient response times in the event of a cyber attack since the provider is already aware of the situation and can immediately begin taking steps to mitigate it. Responding quickly to threats is crucial because it prevents attackers from accessing sensitive information and allows for more comprehensive remediation actions when needed.

      In addition to detection capabilities, MDR services provide clients with proactive threat intelligence gathering to better understand their risk profile and take specific mitigation actions tailored to their environment. This helps clients stay ahead of the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape and remain resilient against advanced persistent threats.

      Access To Expert Resources To Identify Threats

      Unsure about something you may have received in your inbox? A managed IT service provider can be a great resource for verifying legitimacy before opening files on your company network.

      Having a managed IT service provider as a resource for questions is an invaluable asset for preventing cyber attacks. Working with an IT provider means that you have an expert on hand who can help identify and address suspicious activity as soon as it arises, enabling your business to stay ahead of potential threats.

      Network Security Monitoring

      MSPs also offer network monitoring services, which can help businesses recognize possible threats quickly and reduce their risk. Network monitoring includes keeping track of system performance, ensuring uptime and compliance with regulations, as well as providing real-time alerts about potential security risks or changes in network traffic patterns.

      A managed IT service provider can watch the company’s networks 24/7 and provide detailed reports that would alert administrators of any irregularities or malicious software activity before it can cause damage.

      Patching Systems

      System patching is an essential element of managed IT services and a crucial part of any comprehensive cyber security strategy. Organizations can prevent many potential cyber threats by regularly updating software programs, operating systems, and other network elements. Not only will system patching help to eliminate existing vulnerabilities, but it can also help to protect against emerging threats that could be exploited by malicious actors.

      Patch management is one of the most important parts of staying ahead of the curve in IT security. Organizations are much more likely to be targeted by attackers without consistent patching due to known vulnerabilities in their on-premise or cloud systems. These days, hackers have access to vast amounts of information about different software applications and operating systems – if yours isn’t patched promptly, your business could suffer from data breaches, ransomware attacks, or other issues. A managed service provider can help automate patching processes and ensure that all relevant patches are applied as soon as possible for maximum security benefits.

      Employee Security Training

      End-user security training is essential to any organization’s IT defense strategy, as it gives users the knowledge and skills to detect and respond to cyber threats. Even with the most sophisticated technology in place, users can still fall victim to cyber-attacks if they are not properly trained to recognize and react to suspicious activity.

      End-user security training equips employees with the information needed to identify and report potential security incidents, ensuring that any new threats are dealt with quickly and effectively. It’s important to know that you can have all the cyber security solutions in place. If your employees can be socially engineered into clicking, releasing info, granting access to the network, etc. this will diminish all your efforts in securing your business.

      Install An EDR On All Systems

      An EDR solution also provides a comprehensive view of your endpoints and helps you detect any anomalous activity. This allows you to quickly detect threats so they can be responded to appropriately.

      With an EDR solution, businesses will gain deeper insights into their endpoints and quickly respond to potential threats without having to manually investigate every single endpoint individually. It’s the equivalent of having a modern security system installed on your systems. This saves time and reduces the risk of undetected threats, allowing organizations to stay one step ahead of attackers in protecting their networks against data breaches.

      A modern EDR solution can detect malicious activities that traditional security solutions may overlook. Working with IT professionals, businesses can better understand their security needs and develop appropriate responses tailored to their unique environment.

      Manage Your Firewall

      Having a managed IT service provider professionally manage your firewall is extremely important. A firewall acts as the first line of defense against cyber-attacks, it must be kept up to date and monitored on an ongoing basis.

      With a managed IT service provider, businesses can rest assured that their firewalls are constantly analyzed for potential risks and threats. This helps prevent hackers from infiltrating the network and accessing sensitive information stored on the networks or connected systems. Managed firewall services will also ensure that any necessary patches or updates are applied quickly on your firewall, further reducing any potential security risks.

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      Backups & Disaster Recovery

      Having a managed IT service provider manage your company’s backup & disaster recovery services is an extremely important step to prevent cyber attacks. Not only will these services ensure that you have a comprehensive plan to protect your data and systems, but they also allow for faster recovery if an attack were to occur.

      A professional managed IT service provider will help create a customized strategy based on the unique needs of your business. Disaster recovery and backup solutions should include backup software, offsite storage, and monitoring capabilities – all of which can be integrated into a comprehensive, automated system designed specifically for your company’s requirements.

      Is Your Business Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

      Managed IT services are a valuable and necessary part of any organization’s security strategy. By providing a comprehensive suite of preventative services such as regular system updates, cybersecurity awareness training, and secure remote access systems, managed IT services can help protect businesses from the escalating risk of a cyber attack. This type of proactive approach to cybersecurity is more reliable and cost-effective than relying solely on reactive measures after an attack has already occurred.

      With an experienced team of professionals monitoring your network 24/7, you can rest assured that your company’s sensitive data is safe and secure. Investing in managed IT services is the best way to prevent costly and damaging breaches now and into the future. If you’re looking into different managed service providers that will take your business’s cybersecurity seriously, contact Ascendant Technologies today.