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    Identifying Cyber Security Gaps: The Human Firewall

    Cyber Security Gaps: The Human Firewall

    What is a human firewall?

    A human firewall is a security measure that leverages people instead of hardware and software to prevent malicious activity on networks. Human firewalls are essential for minimizing the risk of insider threats, data breaches, and other cyber security risks. They are an effective way to combat increasingly sophisticated attacks while also boosting employee morale. 

    Examples Of Acting As A Human Firewall

    Employee Cybersecurity Training

    An example of a human firewall is basic employee training on cybersecurity best practices. A human firewall requires that companies can provide their staff with training on how to store passwords safely, protect personal devices from malware, recognize phishing scams, avoid clicking suspicious links or downloading unknown software, and more. This type of education helps ensure that everyone within the organization understands how to take proactive steps against cyber attacks. In turn, this will reduce overall human error to security threats.

    Maintaining Confidentiality

    Another example is having strict policies for employees when sharing sensitive information about the company’s activities externally. Employees should be trained on what types of data should not be shared outside the organization without explicit permission from management, how confidential documents should be handled securely (e.g., encryption), and why social media posts must be monitored before publication. These policies help create a culture of security awareness within the company, so even if malicious actors attempt to infiltrate the system they won’t have any luck gaining access to confidential data due to employees being aware of the risks involved in sharing too much information online.

    Reporting Suspicious Activity & Cyber Threats

    A final example of a human firewall would involve setting up systems for users to report suspicious activity or behavior they may have seen while working online or in person at the office. For instance, if an employee notices strange login attempts from an unfamiliar IP address or receives an email containing a link asking for personal information they can notify IT personnel right away so they can investigate further and take appropriate action if necessary. This type of reporting allows companies to quickly identify cyber threats or security breaches before damage is done and take steps towards preventing similar incidents in the future.

    Start Implementing Human Firewall Security Practices Today

    Having a successful human firewall as part of your team is an invaluable asset for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to security measures best practices. The human firewall provides much-needed knowledge and experience when it comes to spotting potential risks or strange behavior on the entire network. It’s essential that they have up-to-date security training on the latest threats as well as strategies for dealing with them should they arise. This could include educating users on how to spot phishing attacks or monitoring certain areas of the network for signs of intrusion.

    Ultimately, implementing strong cybersecurity protocols is essential if you want your business’s data and assets to remain safe online. Investing in a human firewall gives you an extra layer of protection against today’s ever-evolving threats but equally important is having processes in place that help prevent them from happening at all – this means investing in reliable web filtering services, antivirus software and regular patching cycles alongside comprehensive training sessions designed to teach employees how not fall victim to phishing attacks or other malicious attacks online. Taking these steps will give your business the assurance it needs that its digital presence remains secure despite whatever may come its way! If your organization is interested in achieving the best security practices, contact Ascendant today for a free security solutions proposal!