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Manufacturing IT Management

Our role is to lead your IT management and reduce risk within the business.  We understand the unique needs and demands of a manufacturing environment and the pressure it puts on your technology initiatives. Our technical is always available via remote support or onsite if you are experiencing technical issues.  In manufacturing, time is money.    We are a well rounded IT department, ready to assist your business in any capacity to sure you’re manufacturing company keeps manufacturing!

  • We’ll help you apply technology to your manufacturing process
  • Secure your data with cloud based backups
  • Provide disaster recovery for your manufacturing systems
  • Secure your email communication with your partners
  • Provide unlimited access to our remote IT support desk

Working with a Local MSP matters.  With service level responses of same-day response, Ascendant guarantees the fastest response times for critical failures to your IT systems.  Ascendant understands that in manufacturing, systems down equals money lost.   Having a managed service provider (MSP) local to you in New Jersey can drastically reduces downtime and lost money.

Every business has different needs when it comes to managing their business computers.  Ascendant will customize a strategy for managing IT in your manufacturing company.  We’re aware you need to track inventory, input orders, maintain reliable backups of your data, and communicate with clients via email.  These are crucial parts of your business.  You can’t afford to tell a client that you didn’t receive their order or worse can’t complete their manufacturing run.  It hurts your reputation. It hurts your bottom line.  When you have Ascendant behind your business, you can put all those concerns behind you!

We are a complete IT department for manufacturing companies and we understand manufacturing.  We will manage your company backup, network infrastructure, network security, and computer systems.  You and your staff will have unlimited support through our support desk & an onsite IT support engineer who regularly check in.  What more could you ask for?  No, seriously, let us know and we’lll make it happen!